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Veggies and Intact Grains a Day Keep the Pathogens Away.

Gazzaniga FS, Kasper DL.
| Nov 17, 2016

EPOP Interacts with Elongin BC and USP7 to Modulate the Chromatin Landscape.

Mol. Cell.
Liefke R, Karwacki-Neisius V, Shi Y.
| Nov 17, 2016

A high-resolution in vivo atlas of the human brain's serotonin system.

J. Neurosci.
Beliveau V, Ganz M, Feng L, Ozenne B, Højgaard L, Fisher PM, Svarer C, Greve DN, Knudsen GM.
| Nov 17, 2016

Mouse model for acute Epstein-Barr virus infection.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Wirtz T, Weber T, Kracker S, Sommermann T, Rajewsky K, Yasuda T.
| Nov 29, 2016

Spontaneous default network activity reflects behavioral variability independent of mind-wandering.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Kucyi A, Esterman M, Riley CS, Valera EM.
| Nov 29, 2016

PKM2, cancer metabolism, and the road ahead.

Dayton TL, Jacks T, Vander Heiden MG.
| 11 17, 2016

Dynamic metabolic exchange governs a marine algal-bacterial interaction.

Segev E, Wyche TP, Kim KH, Petersen J, Ellebrandt C, Vlamakis H, Barteneva N, Paulson JN, Chai L, Clardy J, Kolter R.
| Nov 18, 2016

Rotating waves during human sleep spindles organize global patterns of activity that repeat precisely through the night.

Muller L, Piantoni G, Koller D, Cash SS, Halgren E, Sejnowski TJ.
| Nov 15, 2016

Impaired Mitochondrial Dynamics And Mitophagy In Neuronal Models Of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.

Cell Rep.
Ebrahimi-Fakhari D, Saffari A, Wahlster L, DiNardo A, Turner D, Lewis TL, Conrad C, Rothberg JM, Lipton JO, Kölker S, Hoffmann GF, Han MJ, Polleux F, Sahin M.
| Nov 15, 2016

Identification of Serotonergic Neuronal Modules that Affect Aggressive Behavior.

Cell Rep.
Niederkofler V, Asher TE, Okaty BW, Rood BD, Narayan A, Hwa LS, Beck SG, Miczek KA, Dymecki SM.
| Nov 15, 2016

Conserved Tetramer Junction in the Kinetochore Ndc80 Complex.

Cell Rep.
Valverde R, Ingram J, Harrison SC.
| Nov 15, 2016

Aire Inhibits the Generation of a Perinatal Population of Interleukin-17A-Producing γδ T Cells to Promote Immunologic Tolerance.

Fujikado N, Mann AO, Bansal K, Romito KR, Ferre EM, Rosenzweig SD, Lionakis MS, Benoist C, Mathis D.
| Nov 15, 2016

Identification of a CD4-Binding-Site Antibody to HIV that Evolved Near-Pan Neutralization Breadth.

Huang J, Kang BH, Ishida E, Zhou T, Griesman T, Sheng Z, Wu F, Doria-Rose NA, Zhang B, McKee K, O'Dell S, Chuang GY, Druz A, Georgiev IS, Schramm CA, Zheng A, Joyce MG, Asokan M, Ransier A, Darko S, Migueles SA, Bailer RT, Louder MK, Alam SM, Parks R, Kelsoe G, Von Holle T, Haynes BF, Douek DC, Hirsch V, Seaman MS, Shapiro L, Mascola JR, Kwong PD, Connors M.
| Nov 15, 2016

Two familial ALS proteins function in prevention/repair of transcription-associated DNA damage.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Hill SJ, Mordes DA, Cameron LA, Neuberg DS, Landini S, Eggan K, Livingston DM.
| Nov 29, 2016

Cellular and neurochemical basis of sleep stages in the thalamocortical network.

Krishnan GP, Chauvette S, Shamie I, Soltani S, Timofeev I, Cash SS, Halgren E, Bazhenov M.
| Nov 16, 2016

Prevalence and Prognostic Implications of Coronary Artery Calcification in Low-Risk Women: A Meta-analysis.

Kavousi M, Desai CS, Ayers C, Blumenthal RS, Budoff MJ, Mahabadi AA, Ikram MA, van der Lugt A, Hofman A, Erbel R, Khera A, Geisel MH, Jöckel KH, Lehmann N, Hoffmann U, O'Donnell CJ, Massaro JM, Liu K, Möhlenkamp S, Ning H, Franco OH, Greenland P.
| Nov 22, 2016

Knocking on opportunity's door.

Shao D.
| Oct 21, 2016

The post-Ebola baby boom: time to strengthen health systems.

McBain RK, Wickett E, Mugunga JC, Beste J, Konwloh P, Mukherjee J.
| Nov 12, 2016

Metabolically Healthy Obesity and Development of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Ann. Intern. Med.
Stanford FC, Butsch WS.
| Nov 15, 2016