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Association of smoking cessation and weight change with cardiovascular disease among adults with and without diabetes.

Clair C, Rigotti NA, Porneala B, Fox CS, D'Agostino RB, Pencina MJ, Meigs JB.
| Mar 13, 2013

Talking about stopping cancer screening-not so easy.

JAMA Intern Med.
Schonberg MA, Walter LC.
| Apr 08, 2013

Oncogenic BRAF regulates oxidative metabolism via PGC1α and MITF.

Cancer Cell.
Haq R, Shoag J, Andreu-Perez P, Yokoyama S, Edelman H, Rowe GC, Frederick DT, Hurley AD, Nellore A, Kung AL, Wargo JA, Song JS, Fisher DE, Arany Z, Widlund HR.
| Mar 18, 2013

c-Jun is required for the specification of joint cell fates.

Genes Dev.
Kan A, Tabin CJ.
| Mar 01, 2013

Efficient and specific gene knockdown by small interfering RNAs produced in bacteria.

Nat. Biotechnol.
Huang L, Jin J, Deighan P, Kiner E, McReynolds L, Lieberman J.
| 03 10, 2013

Effect of platelet inhibition with cangrelor during PCI on ischemic events.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Bhatt DL, Stone GW, Mahaffey KW, Gibson CM, Steg PG, Hamm CW, Price MJ, Leonardi S, Gallup D, Bramucci E, Radke PW, Widimský P, Tousek F, Tauth J, Spriggs D, McLaurin BT, Angiolillo DJ, Généreux P, Liu T, Prats J, Todd M, Skerjanec S, White HD, Harrington RA, Bhatt DL.
| Apr 04, 2013

Environmental novelty activates β2-adrenergic signaling to prevent the impairment of hippocampal LTP by Aβ oligomers.

Li S, Jin M, Zhang D, Yang T, Koeglsperger T, Fu H, Selkoe DJ.
| Mar 06, 2013

Identification of a SIRT1 mutation in a family with type 1 diabetes.

Cell Metab.
Biason-Lauber A, Böni-Schnetzler M, Hubbard BP, Bouzakri K, Brunner A, Cavelti-Weder C, Keller C, Meyer-Böni M, Meier DT, Brorsson C, Timper K, Leibowitz G, Patrignani A, Bruggmann R, Boily G, Zulewski H, Geier A, Cermak JM, Elliott P, Ellis JL, Westphal C, Knobel U, Eloranta JJ, Kerr-Conte J, Pattou F, Konrad D, Matter CM, Fontana A, Rogler G, Schlapbach R, Regairaz C, Carballido JM, Glaser B, McBurney MW, Pociot F, Sinclair DA, Donath MY.
| Mar 05, 2013

In vivo HIF-mediated reductive carboxylation is regulated by citrate levels and sensitizes VHL-deficient cells to glutamine deprivation.

Cell Metab.
Gameiro PA, Yang J, Metelo AM, Pérez-Carro R, Baker R, Wang Z, Arreola A, Rathmell WK, Olumi A, López-Larrubia P, Stephanopoulos G, Iliopoulos O.
| Mar 05, 2013

BCL-2 inhibition: stemming the tide of myeloid malignancies.

Cell Stem Cell.
Hogdal LJ, Letai A.
| Mar 07, 2013

Dissemination of research findings to research participants living with HIV in rural Uganda: challenges and rewards.

PLoS Med.
Baylor A, Muzoora C, Bwana M, Kembabazi A, Haberer JE, Matthews LT, Tsai AC, Hunt PW, Martin JN, Bangsberg DR.
| 03 05, 2013

Evidence for a common mechanism of SIRT1 regulation by allosteric activators.

Hubbard BP, Gomes AP, Dai H, Li J, Case AW, Considine T, Riera TV, Lee JE, E SY, Lamming DW, Pentelute BL, Schuman ER, Stevens LA, Ling AJ, Armour SM, Michan S, Zhao H, Jiang Y, Sweitzer SM, Blum CA, Disch JS, Ng PY, Howitz KT, Rolo AP, Hamuro Y, Moss J, Perni RB, Ellis JL, Vlasuk GP, Sinclair DA.
| Mar 08, 2013

Firearm legislation and firearm-related fatalities in the United States.

JAMA Intern Med.
Fleegler EW, Lee LK, Monuteaux MC, Hemenway D, Mannix R.
| May 13, 2013

Carbamylation of serum albumin as a risk factor for mortality in patients with kidney failure.

Sci Transl Med.
Berg AH, Drechsler C, Wenger J, Buccafusca R, Hod T, Kalim S, Ramma W, Parikh SM, Steen H, Friedman DJ, Danziger J, Wanner C, Thadhani R, Karumanchi SA.
| Mar 06, 2013

Induction of pathogenic TH17 cells by inducible salt-sensing kinase SGK1.

Wu C, Yosef N, Thalhamer T, Zhu C, Xiao S, Kishi Y, Regev A, Kuchroo VK.
| Apr 25, 2013

Venous thrombosis in the nephrotic syndrome.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Loscalzo J.
| Mar 07, 2013

Determinants of nucleosome positioning.

Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol.
Struhl K, Segal E.
| 12 19, 2012

Nonbenzodiazepine sleep medication use and hip fractures in nursing home residents.

JAMA Intern Med.
Berry SD, Lee Y, Cai S, Dore DD.
| May 13, 2013