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Thymosin beta 15: a novel regulator of tumor cell motility upregulated in metastatic prostate cancer.

Nat. Med.. 12 1, 1996;2(12):1322-8.
Bao L, Loda M, Janmey PA, Stewart R, Anand-Apte B, Zetter BR.

Department of Surgery and Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, USA.


The Dunning rat prostatic carcinoma is a model system where cell motility closely correlates with the metastatic phenotype. We have identified a novel gene, upregulated in the highly motile and metastatic Dunning cancer cell lines, that represents a new member of the thymosin-beta family, thymosin beta 15. Transfection of antisense thymosin beta 15 constructs into rat prostatic carcinoma cells demonstrates that this molecule positively regulates cell motility, a critical component of the metastatic pathway. Thymosin beta 15 levels are elevated in human prostate cancer and correlate positively with the Gleason tumor grade. Thymosin beta 15 may represent a potential new biochemical marker for human prostate cancer progression.