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Mutations in the gene encoding c-Abl-binding protein SH3BP2 cause cherubism.

Nat. Genet.. 5 31, 2001;28(2):125-6.
Ueki Y, Tiziani V, Santanna C, Fukai N, Maulik C, Garfinkle J, Ninomiya C, doAmaral C, Peters H, Habal M, Rhee-Morris L, Doss JB, Kreiborg S, Olsen BR, Reichenberger E.

Harvard-Forsyth Department of Oral Biology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine and The Forsyth Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


Cherubism (MIM 118400) is an autosomal dominant inherited syndrome characterized by excessive bone degradation of the upper and lower jaws followed by development of fibrous tissue masses, which causes a characteristic facial swelling. Here we describe seven mutations in the SH3-binding protein SH3BP2 (MIM 602104) on chromosome 4p16.3 that cause cherubism.