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Oncogenic PI3K promotes methionine dependency in breast cancer cells through the cystine-glutamate antiporter xCT.

Sci Signal.
Lien EC, Ghisolfi L, Geck RC, Asara JM, Toker A.
| Dec 19, 2017

Treatment of autosomal dominant hearing loss by in vivo delivery of genome editing agents.

Gao X, Tao Y, Lamas V, Huang M, Yeh WH, Pan B, Hu YJ, Hu JH, Thompson DB, Shu Y, Li Y, Wang H, Yang S, Xu Q, Polley DB, Liberman MC, Kong WJ, Holt JR, Chen ZY, Liu DR.
| Jan 11, 2018

The Renal Challenge With Left Ventricular Assist Device Therapy-When Enough Is Enough.

JAMA Intern Med.
Thomas SS, Zern EK, D'Alessandro DA.
| Dec 18, 2017

Single-cell DNA methylome sequencing of human preimplantation embryos.

Nat. Genet.
Zhu P, Guo H, Ren Y, Hou Y, Dong J, Li R, Lian Y, Fan X, Hu B, Gao Y, Wang X, Wei Y, Liu P, Yan J, Ren X, Yuan P, Yuan Y, Yan Z, Wen L, Yan L, Qiao J, Tang F.
| 12 18, 2017

Nanoparticle conjugates of a highly potent toxin enhance safety and circumvent platinum resistance in ovarian cancer.

Nat Commun.
Qi R, Wang Y, Bruno PM, Xiao H, Yingjie Y, Li T, Lauffer S, Wei W, Chen Q, Kang X, Song H, Yang X, Huang X, Detappe A, Matulonis U, Pepin D, Hemann MT, Birrer MJ, Ghoroghchian PP.
| Dec 18, 2017

Conserved epitope on influenza-virus hemagglutinin head defined by a vaccine-induced antibody.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Raymond DD, Bajic G, Ferdman J, Suphaphiphat P, Settembre EC, Moody MA, Schmidt AG, Harrison SC.
| Jan 02, 2018

State-space multitaper time-frequency analysis.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Kim SE, Behr MK, Ba D, Brown EN.
| Jan 02, 2018

Lesion network localization of criminal behavior.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Darby RR, Horn A, Cushman F, Fox MD.
| Dec 18, 2017

Orthologous CRISPR-Cas9 enzymes for combinatorial genetic screens.

Nat. Biotechnol.
Najm FJ, Strand C, Donovan KF, Hegde M, Sanson KR, Vaimberg EW, Sullender ME, Hartenian E, Kalani Z, Fusi N, Listgarten J, Younger ST, Bernstein BE, Root DE, Doench JG.
| Dec 18, 2017

Dual Targeting of Oncogenic Activation and Inflammatory Signaling Increases Therapeutic Efficacy in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms.

Cancer Cell.
Kleppe M, Koche R, Zou L, van Galen P, Hill CE, Dong L, De Groote S, Papalexi E, Hanasoge Somasundara AV, Cordner K, Keller M, Farnoud N, Medina J, McGovern E, Reyes J, Roberts J, Witkin M, Rapaport F, Teruya-Feldstein J, Qi J, Rampal R, Bernstein BE, Bradner JE, Levine RL.
| Jan 08, 2018

R-2HG Exhibits Anti-tumor Activity by Targeting FTO/m6A/MYC/CEBPA Signaling.

Su R, Dong L, Li C, Nachtergaele S, Wunderlich M, Qing Y, Deng X, Wang Y, Weng X, Hu C, Yu M, Skibbe J, Dai Q, Zou D, Wu T, Yu K, Weng H, Huang H, Ferchen K, Qin X, Zhang B, Qi J, Sasaki AT, Plas DR, Bradner JE, Wei M, Marcucci G, Jiang X, Mulloy JC, Jin J, He C, Chen J.
| Jan 11, 2018

Initiation of Antiviral B Cell Immunity Relies on Innate Signals from Spatially Positioned NKT Cells.

Gaya M, Barral P, Burbage M, Aggarwal S, Montaner B, Warren Navia A, Aid M, Tsui C, Maldonado P, Nair U, Ghneim K, Fallon PG, Sekaly RP, Barouch DH, Shalek AK, Bruckbauer A, Strid J, Batista FD.
| Dec 12, 2017

Nudt21 Controls Cell Fate by Connecting Alternative Polyadenylation to Chromatin Signaling.

Brumbaugh J, Di Stefano B, Wang X, Borkent M, Forouzmand E, Clowers KJ, Ji F, Schwarz BA, Kalocsay M, Elledge SJ, Chen Y, Sadreyev RI, Gygi SP, Hu G, Shi Y, Hochedlinger K.
| Jan 11, 2018

Demand elasticities and service selection incentives among competing private health plans.

J Health Econ.
Ellis RP, Martins B, Zhu W.
| 09 29, 2016

Measuring efficiency of health plan payment systems in managed competition health insurance markets.

J Health Econ.
Layton TJ, Ellis RP, McGuire TG, van Kleef R.
| 12 01, 2018

Shear-induced Notch-Cx37-p27 axis arrests endothelial cell cycle to enable arterial specification.

Nat Commun.
Fang JS, Coon BG, Gillis N, Chen Z, Qiu J, Chittenden TW, Burt JM, Schwartz MA, Hirschi KK.
| Dec 15, 2017