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The Global HIV Epidemic: What Will It Take to Get to the Finish Line?

Katz IT, Ehrenkranz P, El-Sadr W.
| Mar 06, 2018

Drivers of Low-Value Care-Reply.

JAMA Intern Med.
Hong AS, Ross-Degnan D, Wharam JF.
| Mar 01, 2018

Technology and Transparency: Empowering Patients and Clinicians to Improve Health Care Value.

Ann. Intern. Med.
Delbanco S, Delbanco T.
| Mar 06, 2018

Germline de novo mutation clusters arise during oocyte aging in genomic regions with high double-strand-break incidence.

Nat. Genet.
Goldmann JM, Seplyarskiy VB, Wong WSW, Vilboux T, Neerincx PB, Bodian DL, Solomon BD, Veltman JA, Deeken JF, Gilissen C, Niederhuber JE.
| Mar 05, 2018

Dissecting super-enhancer hierarchy based on chromatin interactions.

Nat Commun.
Huang J, Li K, Cai W, Liu X, Zhang Y, Orkin SH, Xu J, Yuan GC.
| Mar 05, 2018

Myeloid ERK5 deficiency suppresses tumor growth by blocking protumor macrophage polarization via STAT3 inhibition.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Giurisato E, Xu Q, Lonardi S, Telfer B, Russo I, Pearson A, Finegan KG, Wang W, Wang J, Gray NS, Vermi W, Xia Z, Tournier C.
| Mar 05, 2018

β-Secretase BACE1 promotes surface expression and function of Kv3.4 at hippocampal mossy fiber synapses.

J. Neurosci.
Hartmann S, Zheng F, Constanze Kyncl M, Karch S, Voelkl K, Zott B, D'Avanzo C, Lomoio S, Tesco G, Yeon Kim D, Alzheimer C, Huth T.
| Mar 05, 2018

TRPM2 channel aggravates CNS inflammation and cognitive impairment via activation of microglia in chronic cerebral hypoperfusion.

J. Neurosci.
Miyanohara J, Kakae M, Nagayasu K, Nakagawa T, Mori Y, Arai K, Shirakawa H, Kaneko S.
| Mar 05, 2018

Ligand and cation-induced structural alterations of the leukocyte integrin LFA-1.

J. Biol. Chem.
Sen M, Koksal AC, Yuki K, Wang J, Springer TA.
| Mar 05, 2018

Addressing paediatric surgical care on World Birth Defects Day.

Wright NJ, Anderson JE, Ozgediz D, Farmer DL, Banu T.
| Mar 01, 2018

SHP2 inhibition restores sensitivity in ALK-rearranged non-small-cell lung cancer resistant to ALK inhibitors.

Nat. Med.
Dardaei L, Wang HQ, Singh M, Fordjour P, Shaw KX, Yoda S, Kerr G, Yu K, Liang J, Cao Y, Chen Y, Lawrence MS, Langenbucher A, Gainor JF, Friboulet L, Dagogo-Jack I, Myers DT, Labrot E, Ruddy D, Parks M, Lee D, DiCecca RH, Moody S, Hao H, Mohseni M, LaMarche M, Williams J, Hoffmaster K, Caponigro G, Shaw AT, Hata AN, Benes CH, Li F, Engelman JA.
| Mar 05, 2018

Nociceptor sensory neurons suppress neutrophil and γδ T cell responses in bacterial lung infections and lethal pneumonia.

Nat. Med.
Baral P, Umans BD, Li L, Wallrapp A, Bist M, Kirschbaum T, Wei Y, Zhou Y, Kuchroo VK, Burkett PR, Yipp BG, Liberles SD, Chiu IM.
| Mar 05, 2018

Efficient termination of nuclear lncRNA transcription promotes mitochondrial genome maintenance.

du Mee DJM, Ivanov M, Parker JP, Buratowski S, Marquardt S.
| Mar 05, 2018

Neurexin and Neuroligin-based adhesion complexes drive axonal arborisation growth independent of synaptic activity.

Constance WD, Mukherjee A, Fisher YE, Pop S, Blanc E, Toyama Y, Williams DW.
| Mar 05, 2018

Quintupling Inhaled Glucocorticoids to Prevent Childhood Asthma Exacerbations.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Jackson DJ, Bacharier LB, Mauger DT, Boehmer S, Beigelman A, Chmiel JF, Fitzpatrick AM, Gaffin JM, Morgan WJ, Peters SP, Phipatanakul W, Sheehan WJ, Cabana MD, Holguin F, Martinez FD, Pongracic JA, Baxi SN, Benson M, Blake K, Covar R, Gentile DA, Israel E, Krishnan JA, Kumar HV, Lang JE, Lazarus SC, Lima JJ, Long D, Ly N, Marbin J, Moy JN, Myers RE, Olin JT, Raissy HH, Robison RG, Ross K, Sorkness CA, Lemanske RF, Cardet JC.
| 03 08, 2018

Structural Basis for Draxin-Modulated Axon Guidance and Fasciculation by Netrin-1 through DCC.

Liu Y, Bhowmick T, Liu Y, Gao X, Mertens HDT, Svergun DI, Xiao J, Zhang Y, Wang JH, Meijers R.
| Feb 20, 2018

Stemming the tide of viral infection.

Sci Immunol.
Griffin GK.
| Mar 02, 2018