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COVID Vaccine Safety & Kids

New evidence points to COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy in children ages 5-11. An HMS expert and FDA advisor weighs in on what this means for parents and kids.

white child's arm with sleeve rolled up and a gloved hand holding a vaccine putting a bandage on the arm
Transformative Science

Four HMS scientists have been named HHMI investigators, recognized for their work in solving serious challenges in biomedicine.

digital illustration with overlays of DNA, human brain and body with background of connecting dots
Signaling Defects

Insulin resistance in the general population may be caused by cellular signaling defects, some of which appear to be sex specific.

Photo of traffic signal on red, city street blurred out in background
Better Recruiting, Better Care

Black participants are still significantly underrepresented in cardiovascular disease trials. Why?

Blurred image of a man on a treadmill with electrodes attached and connected to a heart monitor in a research lab
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