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Broad Protection?

How well can current vaccines protect us against SARS-CoV-2 variants? A new study focuses on the single-dose J&J vaccine.

Light blue digital map of the world overlaid with colorful coronavirus cells
About That New Alzheimer's Drug

The first FDA-approved drug in 18 years offers hope for those with the debilitating disease, but it comes with many questions.

Digital illustration of yellow amyloid plaques on blue neurons with black background
More Than Hormones

Mental health issues that can accompany menopause often go unaddressed. What's lost as a result?

The word menopause on a banner next to a stethoscope on a hot pink background
Some Like It Hot

Why do some C. elegans populations thrive in warm climates while others perish? These worms may reveal more about protecting species from global warming.

Photo of a C. elegant worm on a white background
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