Harvard Medicine News
An Itching Question

A new HMS study points to a key molecular culprit behind that chronic, intractable itch.

Muslim woman with 3/4 length sleeves scratching arm; image cropped to just show torso
No Cancer Left Behind

New help promises to spur research collaborations and advance HMS scientists’ capacity to prevent, treat, and cure rare cancers.

Clear bubble-like cells appear amid smaller pink-stained cells on a histology slide
Stopping Tooth Pain

Why does something cold sometimes cause tooth pain or hypersensitivity? Researchers have zeroed in on an answer.

Cropped image of woman eating an ice cream cone and flinching and holding hand to mouth like in pain
Habener Receives Gairdner Award

HMS professor Joel Habener has been recognized for transformative research into the treatment of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and intestinal disorders.

photo Gairdner award statues and plaques
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