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Unequal Destroyer

COVID-19 is much deadlier in some U.S. populations than in others. Health care experts know why, but the question is: What can we do about it?

A husband and wife comfort one another during the Coronavirus shutdown on the Navajo nation in Arizona
Predicting Mortality Risk

A commonly used blood test could help gauge the risk of dying among patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

Photo of blood vial in gloved hand
Winds of Change

To reflect a more just and equitable community, HMS last week officially renamed the Holmes academic society in honor of physician-scientist William Augustus Hinton.

Painting of Hinton
Cardiac Cartography

A new cellular and molecular map of the heart sets the stage for individualized therapies and regenerative medicine.

Microscope image with dark blue blob against a black background. Within the blobs are a scattering of green, blue and red dots.
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