Harvard Medicine News
Through the Storm

Despite social distancing, some HMS Quad scientists have ramped up efforts to study and combat COVID-19.

Hand with purple lab glove holding vial with a sample of coronavirus spike proteins
Crowdsourcing COVID-19

Having the ability to track the spread of the coronavirus is key to overcoming the pandemic. A new tool allows the public to report symptoms in real time.

screen grab of map of US showing people who have reported symptoms from COVID Near You website
Unstoppable Science

They've been doing it for 80 years, and this year HMS and HSDM students demonstrated that not even a pandemic can keep them from sharing their scientific research.

screengrab of Chang giving presentation and slide with a graphic of a heart showing diastolic heart failure
Tracking the Outbreak

Massachusetts' efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 by scaling up capacity for contact tracing have gotten a boost from Harvard community health experts.

A map of Massachusetts in red labeled COVID-19
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