2013 Longwood Seminars Video Archive

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2013 Longwood Seminars Video Archive

Demystifying nutrition - Longwood Seminar

Demystifying Nutrition: The value of food, vitamins and supplements (March 5, 2013)
Every day a new diet trend seems to be in the news—along with an abundance of advice on supplements and vitamins, including which to take and which to avoid. This seminar aims to cut through the noise surrounding nutrition, vitamins and dietary supplements by providing the latest scientific evidence as well as advice for healthy eating and living a nutritious lifestyle. An audio podcast is also available.

The Power of Zzzs

The Power of Zzzzs: Uncovering why sleep is essential to our well-being and how to get more (March 19, 2013)
Everyone will agree that nothing feels as good as a good night's sleep. While we are in agreement that sleep is essential to our overall well-being, few of us actually get a sufficient amount of it. This seminar will illuminate the importance of sleep—how much is needed and why it is so vital to keep our bodies functioning. An audio podcast is also available.

It's All in Your Head

It's All In Your Head: Building better brains through neuroengineering (April 2, 2013)
As the epicenter of the nervous system, the brain is a complex and fascinating organ. Our brains are the engines that drive our bodies to process information and communicate with the world. Scientists today are making groundbreaking strides in understanding the intricate circuitry in the brain that sends signals to various parts of the body, and how this knowledge can be used to repair or regenerate damaged cells. A panel of Harvard Medical School faculty members whose research explores neural circuitry will discuss this fast-evolving field. An audio podcast is also available.

Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief: Exploring the connection between personal beliefs and physical health (April 23, 2013)
Our individual belief system plays a role in many aspects of our life, but have you considered how a belief system can impact your overall health? A relatively unexplored area of study, the individual belief system is increasingly becoming the focus of researchers who are looking to uncover the science behind personal beliefs and physical health. Harvard Medical School faculty members will share their expertise on the mind/body connection and the meaningful links between spirituality and health. An audio podcast is also available.

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