Longwood Seminars

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Welcome to the Longwood Seminars at Harvard Medical School!

Thank you for your interest in the Mini-Med School program.

If you have any questions about the 2016 Seminars of Certificates of Completion, please email longwood_seminars@hms.harvard.edu.

Watch this year's Seminars online!

The 2016 Longwood Seminars are now available. Use the links below to watch or visit our video archive page to view past year's seminars.

We will send an email in May to gather feedback and your suggestions for next year's seminar topics.

2016 Seminars:

Now and Zen: How mindfulness can change your brain and improve your health
Harvard scientists were some of the first to uncover the impact of that meditation has on health. Their finding: mindfulness can change your brain in positive ways. At this seminar, a panel of Harvard Medical School faculty will discuss the neuroscience of meditation and mindfulness.

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John Denninger  (Moderator)

Sara Lazar

David Vago

A Better Ending: A new beginning for the end of life
Talking about death with family members or health care providers can be frightening and uncomfortable, but these conversations are necessary. In this seminar, you will learn how Harvard Medical School doctors are helping to transform end-of-life care by embracing—rather than avoiding—difficult conversations about ethics, palliative care and what patients want at the end of life.

View the video here

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Lachlan Forrow (Moderator)

Muriel Gillick

Angelo Volandes

Taking It All In: Environmental toxins and your health
Chemicals are used in plastics, furniture, cosmetics and even in the foods we eat, while other pollutants contaminate our air and water. But do you know how these environmental exposures impact your health? Harvard Medical School researchers will present the data behind this silent threat to your health and how you can protect yourself and your family.

View the video here

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David Christiani (Moderator)

Monica Colaiacovo

Maitreyi Mazumdar

The New Old Age: How the body ages and how to keep it young
No one wants to become forgetful or less energetic as they age, but growing old is unavoidable—or is it? At this seminar, learn about the biology of aging and about scientific research at Harvard Medical School that may help keep you healthier and feeling younger at the same time.

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Amy Wagers (Moderator)

Sharon Inouye

Bruce Yankner

All seminars take place at:

Harvard Medical School
The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center
The New Research Building
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston, MA 02115

Harvard Medical School is a short walk from the Longwood stops on both the Green D and E lines and the #39 bus. Parking is available at public garages in the Longwood Medical area.
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