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March 3, 2015

The negative words we use to describe drug addiction -- "clean" vs. "dirty," "patient" vs. "addict" -- can drive some individuals away from the very help they so desperately need. John Kelly, Elizabeth R. Spallin Associate Professor of Psychiatry in the Field of Addiction Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, is quoted.

March 3, 2015

Gene Beresin, professor of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, authored this blog post arguing that the psychological, emotional and moral injuries of war deserve the same recognition as physical injuries. 

March 3, 2015

New DNA evidence suggests that herders from the grasslands of today's Russia and Ukraine carried the roots of modern European languages across the continent some 4,500 years ago. Iosif Lazaridis, research fellow in genetics, is coauthor of the study.

March 3, 2015

The more fried food you eat, the greater your risk for heart failure, a new study says. Luc Djousse, associate professor of medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, is lead researcher. 

March 2, 2015

A growing number of physicians and researchers have grown critical of 30-day mortality as a measure of surgical success. That seemingly innocuous metric, they argue, may actually undermine appropriate care, especially for older adults. Lisa Lehmann, associate professor of medical ethics at Brigham and Women's Hospital, is quoted.

March 2, 2015

Harvard Medical School researchers have identified a specific class of neurons that help synchronize activity in the cortex, triggering brain waves characteristic of consciousness, perception, and attention. The findings may help to identify therapies in disorders such as schizophrenia. Robert McCarley, professor of psychiatry at Boston VA Medical Center, is co-senior author of the research.

March 2, 2015

The federal government is embarking on a massive study of young people’s use of marijuana, a project with implications for the legalization debate. Staci Gruber, associate professor of psychiatry at McLean Hospital, is quoted.

March 1, 2015

Palliative-care teams—which may include specially trained physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and others—provide an added layer of support for people facing serious health problems and for their families. Vicki Jackson, assistant professor of medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital; Janet Abrahm, professor of medicine at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Joanne Wolfe, associate professor of pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital; Susan Block, professor of psychiatry at Dana-Farber; Atul Gawande, Samuel O. Thier Professor of Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital; and Angelo Volandes, assistant professor of medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, are quoted.


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