HMS Media Fellowship

The 2018 Media Fellowship will be held in the Fall. Application deadlines will be announced soon.

Dear Colleague:

Harvard Medical School’s media fellowship program is entering its eighteenth season. This spring’s two fellowship program topics will be announced soon.

Reporters are invited to choose one of our two programs and apply. Three applicants will be chosen for each program.

For a one-week period, three fellows will visit researchers at the medical school and at its affiliated teaching hospitals and research institutes, meeting with a broad spectrum of faculty and other stakeholders. Although reporters will attend as a group, prior to arrival we will work with each fellow to cater to any individual interests and the interests of their media outlet and tailor the experience within the broader theme.

The application process is simple: just email me three to five relevant clips and two to three paragraphs detailing what you want to take away from the fellowship. In addition, please state that you have license from your editor, or usual freelance clients, to cover the topic generically in the future. (You are not obligated to cover Harvard’s work in the area, just the field as a whole.)

We plan to notify successful applicants very soon afterward. Harvard Medical School will pay for participants’ lodging and meals (but not travel to and from Boston). These fellowships are offered as educational opportunities on a background basis. We do not monitor or “gate-keep” fellows’ contact with faculty throughout the program.

I look forward to hearing from you or from someone you think would enjoy this experience. You can email me at If I can answer any questions about the fellowship, please call me at 617-432-0441.


Ekaterina Pesheva

Director of Science Communications

Harvard Medical School


Easy Application

Applying to the program is easy. Simply send an email to and in it include information about you and your beat. Please also indicate that your editor/producer will allow you a week away and that there is general interest in covering the topic in some fashion down the road (this is generic interest, not necessarily interest in covering Harvard).

Harvard Medical School will pay for lodging and the program includes reimbursement for meals.


NUMBER OF FELLOWS: Three per theme.



Ekaterina Pesheva

Director of Science Communications

Harvard Medical School

107 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Suite 111

Boston, MA 02115

617-432-0441 or