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More Magic Tricks for Pediatric Patients

© Suzanne Camarata

Sleight of Hand Sanitizer

In the interest of hospital hygiene, squeeze some hand sanitizer into your hands and rub them together. Pluck an extra glob of sanitizer from your right hand, flip it into the air, and catch it on the back of your left hand. When you lift your right hand, a coin or small toy has appeared from the sanitizer!

  1. Before you enter the child’s room, make a small loop of tape and attach it to the back of your left hand.
  2. Stick a coin or toy on the back of the tape, and then turn your left hand over, making sure the object doesn’t fall off. For the duration of the trick, keep your left hand palm up and forward, so no one in front of you can see what’s on the back of your hand.
  3. As you enter the child’s room, push with your left hand and take a big squeeze of sanitizer from the dispenser.
  4. Show the child the pool of liquid in your left hand, and begin to rub it in with your right hand. Rub until only a small amount remains in your left hand.
  5. Pluck an imaginary last bit of sanitizer between your right fingertips, and pretend to fling the imaginary sanitizer into the air, following your hand with your eyes and adding drama through your facial expression.
  6. As the imaginary substance drops, quickly (this takes practice) flip your left hand over and slap your right hand onto it. If done fast enough, the child will not see the object.
  7. Raise your right hand slowly to show that the toy has appeared from the sanitizer. As you stand up or turn around, quickly peel the tape off the object so that no one sees it.
  8. Present the coin or toy to the child with a flourish.

Card to Mouth

A card is chosen and “lost” within the deck. After the magician tries unsuccessfully to locate it, the card emerges folded from his or her mouth!

  1. First, have the child pick a card.
  2. Ask the child to place the card on top of the deck. Now hold the deck between your thumb and fingers as shown, with the bottom card facing the child. Grasp a stack of cards from the top of the deck and bring them upward, but retain the top card with a little pressure from your right thumb. Place the stack of cards on the bottom of the deck. Repeat this several more times, holding the child’s card secretly on top of the deck.
  3. Now place the cards behind your back, telling the child that you can find the special card without even looking. Once the cards are hidden behind your back, take the top card (the one the child selected), and fold it in half twice. You’re now going to bring the deck back up front, with the bottom card facing the audience. The folded card is held on the back of the deck by your left thumb.
  4. Ask the child if the visible card is the one he or she picked. When the answer is no, act confused for a second, then say you’re going to magically change the card you’re holding to the chosen one.
  5. Bring the deck up to your mouth with both hands, and make a fake sneezing sound as you bring it back down. As you do this, pull off the bottom card with your right hand. Ask the child if the new bottom card is the right one. Repeat this once or twice.
  6. On the third time you bring the deck up to your mouth, secretly feed the folded card into your mouth with your left thumb, then close your mouth and perform the fake change again.
  7. Every time you change the card, ask the child if it’s the right one. Finally, act exasperated and defeated. Then set the deck down, give a little cough, and slowly let the chosen card emerge from between your lips. Unfold it and present it to the child.

Mind-Reading by Crayon

Dazzle the child by being able to tell, just by touch, what color crayon he or she picked!

The Trick:

  1. Give a box of crayons to the child and turn your back to him or her. Put your hands behind your back.
  2. Ask the child to pick a crayon from the box and, without telling you the color, to place it into your hand.
  3. Turn back to your audience and announce that you can tell the color of the crayon just by its feel.
  4. While you are talking, scratch off part of the crayon (behind your back) onto one of the fingernails of your right hand.
  5. Bring your right hand up to your forehead as if you are thinking hard about the color of the crayon. As you do so, glance at the fingernail you scratched with to see the color of the crayon.
  6. Take a few moments to “concentrate,” then reveal the color to your audience.

Source: Harry Blackstone

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