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The Five Senses Brought to Life: Streaming Videos

Faculty members celebrated the launch of Harvard Medicine magazine in May 2010 by presenting a series of talks on the five senses. Streaming video is available below (requires Flash Player).




Introduction (3:29) - Jeffrey S. Flier, MD

Vision (5:12) - Margaret Livingstone, PhD ~
The Artist as Neuroscientist

Hearing (10:16) -  Gottfried Schlaug, MD, PhD ~
Musical Notes on Healing

Smell (5:26) - Bob Datta, MD, PhD ~
Scents and Sensibility

Taste (5:38) - Stephen Liberles, PhD ~
Accounting for Taste

Touch (6:28) - Anne Louise Oaklander, MD, PhD ~
Under the Skin

Beyond the Five Senses (6:45) - Alice Flaherty, MD, PhD ~
Uncommon Sense


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