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A Boost for Immunology

Harvard immunology experts recently gained a new mechanism through which they can pool their talents when HMS Dean Jeffrey Flier announced the launch of Harvard Immunology, an initiative that aims to inspire collaboration in this field.

“Harvard Immunology will be committed to gaining a better understanding of the normal biology of immune and inflammatory systems, host defense, and altered states of immunity, with the ultimate goal of preventing and treating human illness,” Flier says. “We are eager to bring together basic, translational, and clinical investigators to achieve these goals.”

Harvard Immunology will connect both longstanding and new entities, including the Committee on Immunology at Harvard—which has long overseen the HMS graduate immunology program—and, within the Department of Microbiology and Immunobiology, a new Division of Immunology, which will nurture and develop a community of immunologists on the HMS campus.

The initiative has also prompted the creation of the Harvard Institute of Translational Immunology, which will convene multi-disciplinary basic, translational, and clinical investigators from HMS and its affiliates to study immune-mediated diseases.

“Although Harvard’s diverse and accomplished immunology community is world-class by any standard,” Flier says, “we believe we can further spur progress.”


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