April Bookshelf

Recent books by faculty members from Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Harvard School of Public Health

A Patient’s Guide to Medical Imaging
Oxford University Press
By Ronald Eisenberg and Alexander Margulis

Medical imaging plays a major role in diagnosis, choice of therapy and follow-up. However, patients are often intimidated and confused by the multiple imaging modalities available, the indications for their use, the imposing equipment and the particular advantages and disadvantages of various procedures. A Patient’s Guide to Medical Imaging provides explanations for these and other issues with the goal of alleviating anxiety and clarifying the facts concerning medical imaging studies. The book explains all aspects of such procedures in nontechnical terms for a lay audience.

Ronald Eisenberg, HMS associate professor of radiology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, is an internationally renowned radiologist who has written 20 books. Alexander Margulis, who graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1950, is a clinical professor of radiology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. He has written or edited 16 books and more than 400 peer-reviewed papers.

A Medical Teacher’s Manual for Success: Five Simple Steps
The Johns Hopkins University Press
By Helen Shields

Although most medical school faculty members are required to teach, the standard medical school curriculum doesn’t necessarily inform them about how to do it well. With this book, Helen Shields, HMS professor of medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, aims to change that.

A clinician and teacher who has spent her career training future doctors, researchers and medical school instructors, Shields shares classroom-tested methods for developing, implementing and evaluating effective curricula for medical students. Shields emphasizes behind-the-scenes preparation, clear and logical presentations that closely match the material being taught, controlled exploration of topics through well prepared questions and the careful management of group dynamics, reinforcement of key concepts throughout the teaching session, and a five-minute summary of take-home points.

Shields’s easy-to-follow guide highlights what teachers should and should not do. She provides pertinent beginning-of-chapter questions, sample teaching materials and tips for last-minute assignments. Offering a step-by-step approach to preparation and presentation, she relates proven ways to address a variety of situations, both expected and unexpected.