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The Harvard Medical Alumni Association would like to pay tribute to the following alumni who have died within the last three months. 

If you know of HMS alumni who have passed away recently, please send an email with the link to the obituary to

Daniel D. Federman

Daniel D. Federman (1928-2017)

It is with a heavy heart that Harvard Medical School shares the news that Daniel D. Federman, AB ’49, MD ’53, a beloved pillar of our community, died on Wednesday, September 6. He was 89. Read more »


Recent Deaths

Lorraine E. Stanfield, MD ’87
Died September 13, 2017

John W. Braasch, MD ’46
Died September 9, 2017

Daniel D. Federman, AB ’49, MD ’53
Died September 6, 2017

Elmer E. Batts, MD ’50
Died September 4, 2017

Carl W. Norden, MD ’60
Died August 26, 2017

Charles A. Hamilton, MD ’53
Died August 19, 2017

Dawson B. Conerly Jr., MD ’48
Died August 16, 2017

Kathleen M. Mogul, MD ’52
Died August 13, 2017

John J. Turner, MD ’52
Died August 12, 2017

Andrew M. Tager, MD ’88
Died August 11, 2017

Edward M. Lukawski, MD ’75
Died August 8, 2017


For more information, please contact:
Office of Alumni Engagement
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