Introduction to Clinical Nutrition

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IN757.NUT - Introduction to Clinical Nutrition (August)

Course Description

This three-day introduction course in the beginning of the second year provides students with the foundations of Clinical Nutrition to utilize in life-long practices regardless of career. The course builds on knowledge of basic medical sciences, epidemiology, pathophysiology, and skills in interviewing and counseling to explore a range of clinical issues in nutrition. We examine the scientific basis for the role of nutrition in maintaining health and preventing and treating disease. After the three day introductory course, the longitudinal component will span the rest of the second year and the clinical years. The overall goal is to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that foster careful and critical thinking about topics in nutrition through the human life cycle, and to learn how to apply the results of that careful thought in clinical care.

Opportunities Available

  • Tutor: Meets with 8-12 students 3 times for 1.5 hours to facilitate clinical case discussion.

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