Integrated Human Physiology

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IN752.0 - Integrated Human Physiology (February - March)

Course Description

The Integrated Human Physiology course builds on anatomy, biochemistry, and cell biology. Using case tutorials, lectures, focused exercises, laboratories, and demonstrations, Integrated Human Physiology (IHP) material will be presented as an introduction to human physiological systems. The goals of the course are: 1. To introduce several major physiological systems in a manner that emphasizes the interplay of cellular, molecular and biochemical processes that underlie system function. 2. To emphasize the homeostatic interactions that take place between those component physiological systems and that give rise to the integrated functioning of the human body. 3. To provide a conceptual background for the function and interplay of human organ systems. We view this course as part of a continuing medical education in which vocabularies and concepts are presented sequentially, and are periodically reinforced to allow an understanding of normal and pathological processes. The material is presented within a clinical context whenever possible to emphasize the application of physiological principles to patient care.

Opportunities Available

  • Tutor: Meets with 8 students on average 3 times per week for 1.5 hours to facilitate case discussion.

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