Hiring Forms

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There are several different types of positions at Harvard Medical School, and the Office of Human Resources is here to help managers navigate through the paperwork and process that each position requires. Below, please find links to several HMS positions, as well as the definitions and forms for each. 

If you are not sure which type of position you are looking for please contact your HR Coordinator (Emily Quinn or Jordan Hammond). 

New Regular Employees

Temps and Interns

Harvard Students and Minors

Regular Employee
(Forms, Definition)

Temporary Appointment
(Harvard Temp)
(Forms, Definition, Brochure)

Harvard Student Temporary Appointment
(Forms, Definition, Student Employment Office)

Concurrent Employee
(No forms required, Definition)

Agency Temporary Appointment
(Administered by the dept.)

Harvard Work Study Students
(Forms, Definition, Student Employment Office)


Less than half-time Appointment (LHT)
(Forms, Definition, Brochure)

Minors/High School Students
(Contact your HR coordinator)


Extended Part-Time Employee (EPE) Benefits and Perks
(Definition, Brochure)



Intern/Co-op Appointment (Academic credit)
(Intern Questionnaire, Forms, Definition)