Hiring Forms for Regular Employee

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Hiring a Regular Employee (Full-time/Part-time/Exempt/Non-exempt): The process when hiring a regular employee, whether it is a full-time, part-time, exempt or non-exempt employee, occurs between the hiring manager and the HR recruiter. Below please find an overview of the process and the forms required to complete it.

  • Hiring manager completes position listing form.
  • Sends form to HR coordinator, recruiter or consultant.
  • The position is reviewed by the Classification Committee for grade level, and then once approved, posted in ASPIRE.
  • The hiring manager works with the recruiter on external postings and recruitment process to identify candidate.
  • Once candidate identified, the hiring manager will work with recruiter on obtaining references through Skill Survey.
  • The recruiter will initiate background check on the candidate through Hire Right.
  • Recruiter and hiring manager connect on an appropriate salary and a conditional offer is extended to the candidate.
  • Once the background check is cleared and the references completed, a formal offer of employment is extended and the start date is confirmed.
  • The hiring manager completes the Applicant Data Form to note the AA/EEO information of all candidates interviewed in person and forwards to the recruiter.
  • The recruiter and coordinator will work together on on-boarding the candidate.

The following forms are usually reviewed and completed by HR after the staff position has been filled. 
HR coordinator will provide the ID form, the Animal Related Fact Sheet and the Risk Assessment Form separately.