Our Donors


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We are pleased to recognize the many donors who have supported HMS through this special effort, and share with you their stories.

Their generosity is greatly appreciated by everyone at the Medical School, and especially by the medical students who benefit from their act.

Anonymous, MD
N. S. Adzick, MD '79
Mary J. Andrews
Barbara K. Appel
Eugene L. Appel, MD '66
Catherine Marina Barrese Webster
George A. Bray Jr., MD '57
Gilbert L. Brodsky, MD '77
Eric S. Brondfield, MD '70
Louis P. Bucky, MD '86
Edmund B. Cabot, MD '72
Charles O. Carothers, MD '46
N. Emmanuel G. Cassimatis, MD '71
Aaron B. Caughey, MD '94
Benjamin Chang, MD '86
Richard M. Chasin, MD '60
William W. Chin, MD '72
Ming Hui Chen, MD '86, MMS '86
John F. Cramer III, MD '74
Richard V. Cronk, MD '65
Martha A. Darling
Mayer B. Davidson, MD '61
Nancy Davidson, MD '79
Linda Kent DeLaney
Thomas F. DeLaney, MD '82
Donald E. Dickerson, MD '57
Anthony M. DiGioia III, MD '86
Cathleen A. DiGioia
Magruder C. Donaldson, MD '71
Chrysoula Dosiou, MD '97
Mark R. Dumais, MD '94
Mina Farhad, MD '65
Jane Farhi, MD '81
Willard B. Fernald, MD '51
Harvey V. Fineberg, MD '71
David S. Fischer, MD '55
Lawrence M. Fishman, MD '60
Tamara Fountain, MD '88
Buck Frederick, MD '61
Steven A. Freedman, MD '73
Annabelle B. Fulks
Richard M. Fulks, MD '72
Alan B. Gazzaniga, MD '61
Betty J. S. Gerstley, MD
James C. Gilbert, MD '86
Violet R. Gilbert
Michael A. Gimbrone Jr., MD '69
Mark J. Girard, MD '86
Laurie Gelb Gliklich
Richard E. Gliklich, MD '87
Julia A. Haller, MD '80
Elizabeth Henske, MD '85
Eve J. Higginbotham, MD '79
Edward S. Horton, MD '57
Mark W. Howard, MD '85
Mark S. Hughes, MD '86
Howard Hughes, MD
Harris Hyman III, MD '55
Bernice D. Jackson, MD '83
Jay M. Jackman, MD '64
Kishwar Jaffer
Saeed N. Jaffer, MD '97
Denise Jean-Claude
Ruchira M. Jha, MD '08
Beth Y. Karlan, MD '82
Scott R. Karlan, MD '82
William S. Karlen, MD '51
Jay H. Kaufman, MD '66
Douglas G. Kelling Jr., MD '72
Mark A. Kelley, MD '73
Cynthia N. Kettyle, MD '71
William M. Kettyle, MD '71
Robert E. Kleiger, MD '60
Elana Schrader Koren
Michael J. Koren, MD '85
Nathaniel B. Kurnick, MD '40
Sally Kurnick
Pablo Lapuerta, MD '89
Ting David Lee Jr., MD '57
Robert T. Lewit, MD '63
John A. Linfoot, MD '57
Margaret A. Liu, MD '81
Aristides K. Maniatis, MD '99
Gerald Marinoff, MD '69
Joseph B. Martin, MD
Yvonne A. Mason, MD '90
Lisa D. Mayer
Arthur S. McFee, MD '57
Iris G. McFee
Lynn J. McKinley-Grant, MD '80
Mark S. McMahon, MD '86
Lois H. Moser
Royce Moser Jr., MD '61
Robert S. Munford, MD '70
R. Pepper Murray, MD '86
Rachelle T. Murray
Michael T. Myers Jr., MD '85
Alan S. Nies, MD '63
Francis J. O'Brien, MD '82
Donald Oken, MD '49
Gilbert S. Omenn, MD '65
Barbara M. Orski, MD '53
Richard M. Parker, MD'62
Wesley P. Peterson, MD '63
Donald J. Pierce, MD '57
Janet T. B. Pierce
Donald O. Pollock, MD '55
Elinor H. Pollock
Martin R. Prince, MD '84
James M. Rabb, MD '70
Anne Rassiga, MD '66
Melinda Alliker Rabb
Kurt R. Reinke, MD '86
Charles C. Rich MD '93
Richard E. Rieselbach, MD '58
Alvin Rosenfeld, MD '70
Karen Rosenkrantz, MD '81
Howard S Rubenstein, MD '57
Judith S Rubenstein
Andria Barnes Ruth, MD '90
Robert M. Ruth, MD '90
Delia Nai-Yeuh Sang, MD
John Schott, MD '66
Douglas J. Sheft, MD '61
Susan C. Sherman, MD '77
Lawrence Shin, MD '86
Neil S. Shore, MD '63
Charles F. Simmons Jr., MD '80
Eleanor Simpson
Joseph R. Simpson, MD '73
Allen M. Spiegel, MD '71
John C. Stauffer, MD '53
Judith K. Stein, MD '79
Jennifer Stone, MD '86
Andrew J. 
Sussman, MD '91
Ralph C. Sweetland, MD '66
Peter Steinglass, MD '64
Myra H. Strober, PhD
Erica R. Thaler, MD '90
William P. Thorpe, MD '73
Bartholomew Tortella, MD '79
Barbara S. Trelstad
Yong Uahwatanasakul, MD '63
Sanford Ullman, MD '71
Frank R. Voss, MD '86
George F. Welsh, MD '66
John R. Wesley, MD '67
Mary E. Wilson
Carl P. Wisoff, MD '46
Katharine Stehle Young
Robert R. Young, MD '61

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