Charitable Gift Annuities


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Support Harvard Medical School and generate fixed income for life by establishing a charitable gift annuity.

  • Use cash, securities or other property
  • Receive an annuity rate based on your age (older = higher)
  • Enjoy quarterly payments for life
  • Qualify for an immediate federal income tax deduction
  • Benefit from some tax-free income
  • $25,000 minimum

Don’t need the income right away? Click here for information on deferred and other kinds of gift annuities.

Read about someone who established a charitable gift annuity.

Gift Annuity Rates at Sample Ages

Age Annuity Rate Ages Annuity Rate
70 6 70/75 5.6
75 6.7 75/80 6.1
80 7.7 80/85 7
85 8.7 85/90 8

Variations on a standard gift annuity

Deferred CGAs

  • Defer the payments for a minimum of one year

Flexible annuity

  • Select from a range of possible future start dates to receive payments

Stepped annuity (50K minimum)

  • Structure your annuity to receive steadily increasing income

To learn more, please contact:

Karen S. Turpin
Senior Director of Gift Planning
(617) 384-8449 or (800) 922-1782

Charitable Gift


Download an informational brochure explaining the benefits of charitable gift annuities. Learn more »