Real estate


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Give your entire property

Transfer your property deed to HMS. Harvard will sell the property, and the proceeds will support the area of your choosing. One hundred percent of the appraised market value is deductible for income tax purposes.

Give a percentage of your property

Deed a percentage interest in your property. When it sells, you and HMS share proportionately in the proceeds. The income tax deduction from your gift can offset the capital gain generated by the sale.

Receive income for life

Fund a charitable trust or gift annuity with your property, and you and another beneficiary will receive income for life. Trust assets can be invested in the Harvard endowment and provide variable income for life, while gift annuities provide fixed income for life. Both gifts qualify you for an income tax deduction, plus you can save on estate taxes and minimize or avoid capital gains tax.

Donate your property and continue living in it

Transfer your property to HMS and continue to live in it for your lifetime and that of your spouse. You qualify for an income tax deduction, and the property is removed from your estate for tax purposes.

Bequeath your property

Make a testamentary gift of real estate in your will or trust.

Acceptable Properties

  • Personal residence
  • Vacation home
  • Farm or agricultural land
  • Ranch
  • Commercial property or lot
  • Undeveloped or unimproved land


  • Unlock appreciated assets without incurring capital gains tax
  • Fuel support for medical student scholarships, biomedical research, or global health care delivery
  • Secure a charitable income tax deduction and save on gift and estate taxes
  • Receive quarterly income for life from a trust or annuity
  • Avoid separate investment management fees, with services provided by Harvard Management Company, and access broad investment diversification
  • Obtain assistance from Harvard in selling your property

To learn more, please contact:

Karen S. Turpin
Senior Director of Gift Planning
(617) 384-8449 or (800) 922-1782

Gifts of

Real estate

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