Classes of 1950-1959


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Alumni Honor Roll of Donors

Support received from alumni allows HMS to accelerate breakthroughs in education, discovery, service, and leadership. We are very grateful for the gifts received during Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016).

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Class of 1950

18% participation

Richard H. Allen, MD
Edward H. Caul, MD
Robert H. Clifton, MD
Donald S. Gair, MD
Leonard Laster, MD
Edward M. Mahoney, MD

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

Class of 1951

26% participation

Hoke V. Bullard Jr., MD
Robert P. Davis, MD
Jerome W. Fischbein, MD
Gerald S. Foster, MD~+
George B. Hutchison Jr., MD
Frederic C. McDuffie, MD+
David W. Richardson, MD+
Tor Richter, MD~+
Murray Strober, MD
Ruth S. Weiss, MD~

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

Class of 1952

43% participation

Wesley G. Byerly, MD
Harold Chiat, MD
David K. Clawson, MD*
Rial W. Cummings, MD
Richard R. Curtin, MD+
James F. Donovan, MD+
Garth R. Drewry, MD
Roy R. Grinker Jr., MD+
Buel K. Grow Jr., MD
Joel B. Huneycutt, MD
Samuel L. Katz, MD~+
Stanley W. Kent, MD
Mortimer Lorber, MD~
Dan A. Martin, MD+
David P. Michener, MD
James W. Murphy, MD
Linus C. Pauling Jr., MD
Chester M. Pierce, MD
Robert T. Potter, MD
Harold H. Royaltey Jr., MD
John B. Thomas, MD
Lee C. Watkins, MD

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

Class of 1953

38% participation

Kenneth F. Anderson, MD
Walter L. Barker, MD
William C. Boeck Jr., MD
David A. Eaton, MD
Daniel D. Federman, MD~+
M. Martin Halley, MD
Alan L. Kaitz, MD
Julian I. Kitay, MD+
P. Herbert Leiderman, MD
Donald B. Louria, MD
Iolanda E. Low, MD
German E. Malaret, MD
David Miller, MD
Dominick P. Purpura, MD
Phyllis B. Robbins, MD
Flaviu C. Romanul, MD~
Harvey D. Rothberg, MD
George M. Ryan Jr., MD
Aaron B. Stevens, MD
Leonard J. Triedman, MD

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

Class of 1954

45% participation

David W. Allen, MD
Frank Austen, MD~
Robin W. Briehl, MD
Richard C. Burnstine, MD
William B. Carey, MD
Richard B. Cattell, MD
James E. Cavanagh Jr., MD
Gilbert R. Cherrick, MD~
Arthur J. Garceau, MD
William L. Green, MD
Ramon M. Greenberg, MD
Lloyd A. Hamilton Jr., MD
Giles B. Hamlin, MD
James M. Hitzrot II, MD
Manuel E. Kaplan, MD
Arthur L. Klatsky, MD
Walter E. Klingensmith, MD
William M. Kramer, MD
John B. Lunseth, MD
Marion D. McClure, MD
Edgar R. Miller Jr., MD
James R. Morton, MD
Fletcher J. Pomeroy, MD
Gerold L. Schiebler, MD
Richard E. Senghas, MD
Miles F. Shore, MD~+
Ernest R. Simon, MD
Oscar E. Starobin, MD
Richard Umansky, MD
Francis Wood Jr., MD
Robert W. Woodhouse, MD

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

Class of 1955

61% participation

Raymond Alexanian, MD~
Edward C. Atwater, MD
W. Gerald Austen, MD~+
Ann B. Barnet, MD
Georgiana S. Boyer, MD
John T. Boyer, MD
Robert A. Brooks, MD
Carl N. Brownsberger, MD
Maurice B. Burg, MD
Charles A. Cahill III, MD~
Alan F. Carpenter, MD
Aram V. Chobanian, MD
Thomas M. Daniel, MD
Roman W. DeSanctis, MD~+
Ronald R. Fieve, MD
James L. Fife, MD
David S. Fischer, MD~
V. C. Forbes, MD
Thomas G. Gabuzda, MD
James A. Greene Jr., MD
Victor Gurewich, MD
E. Rodman Heine, MD
Ralph A. Heising, MD
Gerald M. Hollingsworth, MD
Harris Hyman III, MD~+
Raymond E. Jankowich, MD
John Laszlo, MD
Hugh O. McDevitt, MD
Richard C. Miller, MD
Walter H. Moran, MD~
Frances F. Nakamura, MD+
David G. Nathan, MD+
Gilbert R. Panzer, MD~+
Ernest H. Picard, MD
Paul M. Prusky, MD~+
Mitchell T. Rabkin, MD~+
Peter W. Rand, MD
Ellis L. Rolett, MD~
Jack S. Sanders, MD
Eleanor G. Shore, MD~+
Robert B. Sirkin, MD
Robert J. Sperber, MD
Paul A. Steinman, MD
Quentin R. Stiles, MD+
Charles P. Summerall III, MD
Lawrence C. Thum, MD
Milton Viederman, MD
Thomas A. Waldmann, MD
Norton G. Waterman, MD
Harvey J. Weiss, MD
Walden B. Whitehill, MD~+

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

Class of 1956

70% participation

Chester A. Alper, MD
Paul H. Altrocchi, MD
W. Banks Anderson Jr., MD
Howard P. Baden, MD
Charles F. Barbarisi, MD~
Donavin A. Baumgartner Jr., MD
Ernest W. Bergel, MD
Kirby K. Bryant Jr., MD
William G. Bush, MD
Robert W. Chamberlin, MD+
Eugene C. Ciccarelli, MD
Richard E. Coggeshall, MD
David U. Cookson, MD
John S. Davis, MD
LeBaron W. Dennis, MD
Andrew D. Dorr, MD
Louis H. Edmunds Jr., MD
T. Corwin Fleming, MD
Stanley S. Franklin, MD~+
Rosalind S. Frim, MD
Bruce L. Gilmore, MD
Robert A. Goodell Jr., MD
Spencer Gordon Jr., MD
Jack J. Greenberg, MD~+
John W. Grover, MD+
Marc F. Hansen, MD
Firmon E. Hardenbergh, MD+
Thomas K. Hunt, MD~
Herbert E. Kaufman, MD~+
Alexander L. Kisch, MD
Frederic W. Lafferty, MD
Lawrence M. Leonard, MD
Norman D. Levine, MD
Edward Y. Liang, MD
Gordon C. MacLeod, MD~+
Paul R. McHugh, MD
Albert D. Menno, MD
Joseph V. Messer, MD~+
John H. Milne, MD
Anthony P. Monaco Sr., MD~+
Thomas O. Nevison Jr., MD
Richard S. O'Hara, MD+
William S. Parks, MD
Malcolm R. Powell, MD
Saul W. Rosen, MD~
Sanford I. Roth, MD
Leon D. Sabath, MD
Stefan C. Schatzki, MD~
Melvin Shafron, MD
James B. Snow Jr., MD
Richard L. Sogg, MD+
E. Martin Spencer, MD, PHD
Claire M. Stiles, MD+
Robert M. Stroud, MD
Charles K. Tashima, MD
Mahmud A. Thamer, MD
Josephine B. Von Hippel, MD
Charles W. Young, MD

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

Class of 1957

55% participation

Thomas W. Adams, MD+
Sidney Alexander, MD+
Wilbert S. Aronow, MD
George A. Bray Jr., MD~+
Donald K. Brief, MD+
Albert B. Crum, MD+
Daniel Deykin, MD+
Donald E. Dickerson, MD~+
Thomas E. Farrell, MD
Stephen L. Friedland, MD
Thomas J. Gill III, MD
Benjamin J. Gilson, MD
Arthur I. Grayzel, MD
William B. Greenough III, MD~
Thomas L. Hall, MD~
George J. Hill, MD~+
Ralph H. Hinckley, MD
Edward S. Horton, MD~+
Herbert B. Hudnut Jr., MD
Mark M. Kartchner, MD~
Ting D. Lee Jr., MD~
David E. Leith, MD
John A. Linfoot, MD~
James J. McCusker, MD~+
William D. McKee, MD
Paul A. Milde, MD
Abbott R. Miller, MD
George C. Mohr, MD
Arthur J. Moss, MD
Richard A. Norton, MD
Daniel J. O'Connor Jr., MD+
Robert M. Oneal, MD
Henry D. Onken, MD
Robert H. Palmer, MD+
John W. Parker, MD
Jane S. Perrin, MD
Leonard Pulerwitz, MD
Francis X. Rockett, MD
Howard S. Rubenstein, MD+
Harry L. Senger, MD
Jeremiah E. Silbert, MD
Richard J. Simmons, MD
John W. Singleton, MD
Donald W. Sutherland, MD~+
David V. Buskirk, MD
Richard J. Wagman, MD+
Frank M. Weiser, MD
George M. Williams, MD+
Anna K. Wolff, MD+
Chin B. Yeoh, MD+

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

Class of 1958

46% participation

Howard E. Adkins, MD+
Sheila B. Blume, MD~
Joseph W. Burnett, MD
Donald E. Butterfield, MD~+
Peter R. Caldwell, MD
Martin J. Cline, MD~+
Cecil H. Coggins, MD
Calvin J. Collins, MD+
Myron W. Conovitz, MD~
Howard A. Corwin, MD~
Gunes N. Ege, MD~
John Galt, MD
Myron A. Hofer, MD
William B. Hood Jr., MD
Bernard T. Hutchinson, MD+
George A. Jacoby Jr., MD
Martin Kantor, MD+
Robert D. Karlan, MD
Allan Kliman, MD+
John K. Li, MD
Charles S. Lipson, MD
John W. Madden, MD
Elliott V. Miller, MD+
Philip L. Mossman, MD
Anthony S. Patton, MD+
Don C. Pearl, MD
Rudolph W. Pierce, MD
Richard E. Rieselbach, MD
Allen W. Root, MD
Peter H. Schur, MD
Benjamin V. Smith, MD
Richard L. Soffer, MD
Irene L. Solomon, MD
Lyman E. Sproul, MD
John A. Stanley, MD
Rodman D. Starke, MD+
Jeremiah G. Tilles, MD~
John F. Tulenko, MD
C. Robert Valeri, MD~
James W. Wiggin, MD
David S. Zimmon, MD

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

Class of 1959

42% participation

Robert S. Adelstein, MD
Lynn L. Ault, MD+
James E. Barrett Jr., MD
Robert S. Blacklow, MD+
Forst E. Brown, MD
Frederic C. Chang Jr., MD
Savelly B. Chirman, MD~
Norman A. Clemens, MD
Donald E. Dillon, MD
Karl Engelman, MD
Alan J. Friedman, MD+
Paul Friedmann, MD+
Robert A. Goldstone, MD
Joseph S. Gonnella, MD
Howard H. Green, MD
Wilhelm G. Hansen III, MD
Anne M. Haywood, MD
Kenneth L. Herrmann, MD
David Korn, MD+
Anton O. Kris, MD
Thomas R. Kuhns, MD+
Nelson R. Lampert, MD
Cavin P. Leeman, MD
Herbert Lessow, MD~
S. Bert Litwin, MD~
Kilmer S. McCully, MD
Roger V. Moseley, MD~+
Joseph G. Pittman, MD
James W. Prichard, MD
Judith L. Rapoport, MD
Stanley Rapoport, MD
Stephen L. Reynolds, MD
Norman Robbins, MD
John B. Rodgers Jr., MD
David Rush, MD
Richard G. Sanderson, MD+
Paul E. Sapir, MD
Gordon M. Shepherd, MD
John J. Soltys Jr., MD
Bruce W. Steinhauer, MD
Stanley S. Weglarz, MD
Robert M. Zollinger Jr., MD+

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

All gifts and pledges received July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016, have been reviewed carefully to ensure that each gift is properly recognized. Occasionally, despite best efforts, a name may be listed incorrectly or omitted. We sincerely apologize if this is the case. Please alert us to such errors by contacting Lisa Santangelo-Feeley, associate director of annual giving, at 617-384-8522 or

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