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Throughout the year, many individuals advance the work of Harvard Medical School by making gifts in memory or in honor of of revered faculty, classmates, family, and friends. This list acknowledges individuals for whom gifts were made in their name in fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015).

In Honor Of

Tenley E. Albright, MD ’61
Chelare B. Allen
Ronald A. Arky
Bryan J. Arling, MD ’69
Ann M. Bajart, MD ’72
Mary Kay Brown
Van V. Burger Jr.
Linda D. Burnley
Linda W. Cohen
Daniel Cooper
Daniel D. Federman, MD ’53
Jeffrey S. Flier, MD
Leonard E. Freedberg, MD ’71
Paul Friedmann, MD ’59
Carol Graybeal
Ric Harnsberger
Mia Hernandez
Stephen J. Jelin
Julie A. Joyal
Edward K. Ko, MD ’95
Deborah Liberman
James F. Lingley, MD ’63
Judith C. Litwin
S. B. Litwin, MD ’59
Donald B. Louria, MD ’53
Carlene M. MacMillan, MD ’09
Hildegarde E. Mahoney
Gus Maniatis
Triada Maniatis
Clyde McAuley
Barbara J. McNeil, MD ’66, PhD ’72
Owen Muir
Nancy E. Oriol, MD ’79
S. P. Reville
Jerome P. Richie
Richard M. Robb
Robert D. Saltman
Delia N. Sang
Christine E. Seidman
Jonathan G. Seidman
Mary C. Wasko
Paula Woodward
Chao-Ting Wu, PhD ’85

In Memory Of

John Adams Jr., MD ’29
Mary D. Adams
Andrew J. Alameno
Alice H. Amsden
Eugene L. Appel, MD ’66
David Axelrod, MD ’60
Robert R. Aycock, MD ’50
Lawrence P. Baker, MD ’56
A. C. Barger, MD ’43
Joseph S. Barr, MD ’26
Timothy F. Beckett Jr., MD ’74
Amanda J. Berger
George M. Bernier Jr., MD ’60
Jack Berv
Maxine Berv
Rishon M. Bialer
Marta Bin
Robert H. Bradley Jr., MD ’40
Francis G. Brigham, MD ’09
Edmund B. Cabot, MD ’72
Guy D. Campbell, MD ’49
Louis Chabner
Hugh P. Chandler, MD ’58
Sharon P. Clayborne
David W. Cloos, MD ’69
Albert H. Coons, MD ’37
Benjamin Cooper
Paul M. Cox Jr., MD ’65
Gloria F. Daniels
Richard K. Desser, MD ’67
Andrew K. Diehl, MD ’72
Harry B. Ditmore Jr., MD ’53
Joseph A. Donovan, MD ’12
Thomas J. Donovan, MD ’46
Allison J. Doupe, MD ’79, PhD ’84
Charles J. Epstein, MD ’59
Lois B. Epstein, MD ’59
Albert J. Erdmann III, MD ’67
Alfred E. Farah
Patricia W. Farah
Ahmad Farhad
James M. Faulkner, MD ’24
Bernard N. Fields
George R. Friese
Maurice B. Furlong Jr., MD ’68
Bernard German, MD ’40
Melvin J. Glimcher, MD ’50
Kenneth P. Gorelick, MD ’67
Liz Gray Erickson
Charles A. Gray
Elizabeth Gregory
Phillips D. Hallowell, MD ’44
Robert P. Hardman, MD ’55
Philip S. Hobel
Dwight C. Hoeg, MD ’50
Constance E. Hughes
Kenneth D. Hughes
Peter G. Hutchins
Dubbie Jackman
Jimmie Jackman
Bemy E. Jelin, MD ’91
William R. Jewett, MD ’73
Ann R. Karnovsky
Jay H. Katz, MD ’53
Mrs. Lawrence M. Keeler
Lawrence M. Keeler
Alexandra Kern
George Khoury, MD ’70
Robert I. Krasner
Janine Krivokapich, MD ’73
C. K. Landry
Charles T. Levitan, MD ’72
Allan H. Levy, MD ’53
Stephen J. Lipson, MD ’72
Hermann Lisco
Esther T. Liu
Jack G. Livingston, MD ’68
Sidney B. Luria, MD ’43
Patricia V. MacVane
Ruthann T. McAuley
Marcia Q. McCrae, MD ’65
Bucknam McPeek, MD ’59
Arline Michaelson
Robert C. Moellering Jr., MD ’62
Donato Monaco
Robert S. Morrison, MD ’50
Kenneth H. Mueller, MD ’65
Tevor D. Novack, MD ’54
James T. Ogilvie, MD ’63
John H. Ohler, MD ’48
J. B. Philipson, MD ’63
Elizabeth W. Richter
Barbara S. Rosenberg
Charles S. Rosenberg
John Rosenberg
Robert S. Rosson, MD ’58
Melvin R. Seiden
Edmund H. Sonnenblick, MD ’58
Harold C. Spear, MD ’47
Steven R. Strong, MD ’66
Morton N. Swartz, MD ’47
Irvin Taube, MD ’59
Thomas G. Thurston II, MD ’41
Cecil Todes
Daniel C. Tosteson, MD ’48
Robert L. Trelstad, MD ’65
George L. Tully III, MD ’73
Doris Van Heeckeren
Gordon C. Vineyard, MD ’63
Ralph L. Warren, MD ’81
Herbert S. Waxman, MD ’62
Heinz Werner
William G. Winter Jr., MD ’63
Dewey K. Ziegler, MD ’45

To our alumni, friends, and supporters
We make every attempt to correctly record and acknowledge your gift to Harvard Medical School. These lists includes gifts and pledges received in fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015). Please alert us to any errors by contacting Christina Cowell, assistant director of donor relations, at (617) 384-8476 or by email at