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Throughout the year, many individuals advance the work of Harvard Medical School by making gifts in memory or in honor of of revered faculty, classmates, family, and friends. This list acknowledges individuals for whom gifts were made in their name in fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017).

In Honor Of

Rita S. Allan
Ronald A. Arky, MD
Wilbert S. Aronow, MD ’57
Jennifer L. Bennet
Lucy Boerstling
Richard Boerstling
Evan Calkins, MD ’45
George Q. Daley, MD ’91
Claire B. Davidson
David F. Davidson
Paul E. Farmer, MD ’88
Daniel D. Federman, MD ’53*
Jeffrey S. Flier
Norma Jean Fountain
Woodson Fountain
Jimmy L. Frazier *
Shirley Frazier
Rosalind S. Frim, MD ’56
Joseph Godfrey
Mildred Godfrey
Walter C. Guralnick*
Priscilla K. Jackson
Divya Jayaraman, MD ’17, PhD ’15
Julie A. Joyal
Leonard B. Kaban, MD ’69
Samuel L. Katz, MD ’52
Elliott D. Kieff
Marc W. Kirschner
Arthur L. Klatsky, MD ’54
Greta Kost
Harold S. Kost
Thomas G. Lawrence, MD ’62
Deborah Liberman
Catherine P. Likavec *
John N. Loeb, MD ’61
Hildegarde E. Mahoney
Gus Maniatis
Triada Maniatis
Irving Markowitz
Irving Markowitz
Clyde B. McAuley
Barbara J. McNeil, MD ’66, PhD ’72
Emily Oken, MD ’95
Nancy E. Oriol, MD ’79
Ann E. Petri
William A. Petri
David D. Potter
Tanya Karla Remmler *
Frances L. Richardson *
Michael Rosenblatt, MD ’73
Shirley Scott *
Victor W. Sidel, MD ’57
Donald W. Sutherland, MD ’57
Joseph Tenenbaum, MD ’74
Vinayak V. Viswanadham, MMS ’16
Katharine P. Wolf, MD ’63
Marshall A. Wolf, MD ’63
Vivian J. Woodard, MD ’82

* Deceased

In Memory Of

Patricia C. Adams, MD ’68
James S. Allan
Betty Allen
Alice H. Amsden
Eugene L. Appel, MD ’66
Charles S. August, MD ’62
Robert R. Aycock, MD ’50
Kathryn H. Baker
Lawrence P. Baker, MD ’56
A. C. Barger, MD ’43
Joseph S. Barr, MD ’26
William H. Batchelor, MD ’45
Marion F. Beckman
Robin D. Berlin
Eliot L. Berson, MD ’62
Rishon M. Bialer
Lewis M. Bobroff, MD ’69
Robert H. Bradley, MD ’40
Elvin E. Brenneman
James R. Burnett
Edmund B. Cabot, MD ’72
Charles B. Carpenter, MD ’58
David W. Cloos, MD ’69
David G. Cogan, MD ’32
Albert H. Coons, MD ’37
Jeannette H. Corwin, MD ’58
Richard K. Desser, MD ’67
Ralph A. Dorner
John A. Duggan, MD ’47
Angelo J. Eraklis, MD ’58
Albert J. Erdmann, MD ’67
Alfred E. Farah
Patricia W. Farah
Mina Farhad, MD ’65
James M. Faulkner, MD ’24
Bernard N. Fields
M. J. Folkman, MD ’57
Maurice B. Furlong, MD ’68
Bernard German, MD ’40
Melvin J. Gordon
Kenneth P. Gorelick, MD ’67
Lester H. Grant, MD ’55
Jane C. Greenough
Graeme Hanson, MD ’62
Constance E. Hughes
Kenneth d. Hughes
Dubbie Jackman
Jimmie Jackman
Bemy E. Jelin, MD ’91
William R. Jewett, MD ’73
Herbert M. Kaplan
Jay H. Katz, MD ’53
Lawrence M. Keeler
Lawrence M. Keeler
George Khoury, MD ’70
John F. Knowles
Bernard D. Kosowsky, MD ’62
Nathaniel B. Kurnick, MD ’40
C. K. Landry
Eleanor L. Lewis
Catherine P. Likavec
Stephen J. Lipson, MD ’72
Esther T. Liu
Jack G. Livingston, MD ’68
Sidney B. Luria, MD ’43
John T. Maltsberger, MD ’59
Paula E. Manaly
Robert B. McGandy
Joe V. Meigs, MD ’19
Robert C. Moellering, MD ’62
Dorothy A. Murphy
John C. Nemiah, MD ’43
Tevor D. Novack, MD ’54
Ellin C. O’Brien
J. B. Philipson, MD ’63
Bruce D. Porter
Brett S. Powell
Mary C. Raugust Howell
Walter A. Reiling, MD ’65
Walter A. Reiling, MD ’33
Tanya Karla Remmler
Frances L. Richardson
Elizabeth W. Richter
David B. Rogers, MD ’81
Charles S. Rosenberg
Fred R. Rosenberg
Alice Royaltey
Samuel H. Rush
David D. Rutstein, MD ’34
Selina B. Schlessinger
Paul C. Schnitker, MD ’67
Seymour Schnuer
Shirley Scott
Marlon Sellers
John J. Shea, MD ’47
Richard S. Shulman, MD ’67
Robert C. Siegel, MD ’66
Norman M. Simon
Kevin M. Smith
Susan F. Smith
Edmund H. Sonnenblick, MD ’58
Harold C. Spear, MD ’47
John B. Stanbury, MD ’39
Richard W. Steenburg, MD ’48
James H. Strauch, MD ’42
Morton N. Swartz, MD ’47
William H. Sweet, MD ’36
Henri A. Termeer
Robert L. Trelstad, MD ’65
George L. Tully, MD ’73
Herbert S. Waxman, MD ’62
Arnold N. Weinberg, MD ’56
Alice D. Weiner
Bernard Wiesman
Robert W. Woodhouse, MD ’54

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To our alumni, friends, and supporters
We make every attempt to correctly record and acknowledge your gift to Harvard Medical School. These lists includes gifts and pledges received in fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017). Please alert us to any errors by contacting Christina Cowell, assistant director of donor relations, at (617) 384-8476 or by email at


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