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Gifts from individuals enable Harvard Medical School to continue to train the world’s best physicians and scientists, conduct groundbreaking biomedical research, and serve humanity. This list acknowledges individuals who made outright gifts, new pledges, pledge payments, and planned gifts—including realized bequests, charitable gift annuities, and charitable remainder trusts—in fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017). Individuals listed below are part of the Dean's Council, the leadership annual giving society of Harvard Medical School.

Nancy Adams º
Simon K. Ashiku, MD ’92
Joycelyn C. Austen º
K. F. Austen, MD ’54 º
Ann M. Bajart, MD ’72 ⁺
Robert L. Barbieri, MD ’77
Craig B. Barger º
Elaine Barger
Blanche S. Bast º
Robert C. Bast, MD ’69 º
Sigall K. Bell, MD ’97 º
Susan Bonner-Weir 
Letitia G. Carlson, MD ’87
Annette H. Chen, MD ’92
Neil T. Chen, MD ’87
William H. Danforth, MD ’51 º
Martha A. Darling 
Erica L. Drazen 
Jeffrey M. Drazen, MD ’72 º
Barbara B. Ebert 
Gunes N. Ege, MD ’58 º
Jean Emans, MD ’70 º
John B. Emans, MD ’70 º
Charles M. Farkas 
Ruth P. Fields ⁺
Paula P. Folkman
David M. Frim, MD ’88, PhD ’88 º
Estate of George Gay
Alan B. Gazzaniga, MD ’61
Mark J. Girard, MD ’86 º
Laurie G. Gliklich
Richard E. Gliklich, MD ’87
Henry P. Godfrey, MD ’65 º
Mary Beth E. Gordon, MD ’03 º
William L. Greif, MD ’81 º
Margaret A. Hamburg, MD ’83 º
Gary A. Herman, MD ’87
Ralph H. Hinckley, MD ’57 º
Faith S. Hochberg
Mark S. Hochberg, MD ’73 º
Howard C. Hughes
Marion Kartchner
Mark M. Kartchner, MD ’57
Cynthia N. Kettyle, MD ’71 º
William M. Kettyle, MD ’71 º
Marc W. Kirschner 
Phyllis S. Kirschner 
Frank J. Kosarek
Peter B. Kovler
Ada Kumar
Alan Kumar
Ezra Levine
Irving M. London, MD ’43 º
Deborah T. Lonergan
Francis R. Lonergan, MD ’77
Aristides K. Maniatis, MD ’99
Jane Breeden Marmor, MD ’66 º
Michael F. Marmor, AB ’62, MD ’66 º
Craig D. McClain
John E. McGowan, MD ’67 º
John G. Meara
Lyle Micheli, AB ’62, MD ’66 º
Philip L. Millstein
David P. Mooney
Roger H. Morris, MD ’57
James A. Nelson, MD ’65 ⁺ º
Ben L. Nguyen, MD ’92
Alan S. Nies, MD ’63 º
Donald Oken, MD ’49 º
Gilbert S. Omenn, MD ’65 ⁺ º
John E. O’Toole, MD ’98 º
Estate of Robert W. Pearson
Orah S. Platt, MD ’73
Richard Platt, MD ’72
Rhonda E. Rand, MD ’79
Richard B. Reiling, MD ’67
Michelle L. Rivera, MD ’92
Selwyn O. Rogers, MD ’91
John L. Roglieri, MD ’66
Scott A. Schoen
Barbara C. Thibault
George E. Thibault, MD ’69
Arnold B. Tofias 
Gloria Tofias 
Bartholomew J. Tortella, MD ’79 º
Sanford Ullman, MD ’71 º
Kristin L. Walter, MD ’97 º
Margaret G. Ward, PhD ’65
Samuel P. Ward, MD ’68 º
Gretchen K. Warland
Gordon C. Weir, MD ’67 ⁺ º
Katharine P. Wolf, MD ’63
Marshall A. Wolf, MD ’63
Cynthia Yock
Paul G. Yock, MD ’79

Ezekiel Hersey Council º Federman Loyalty Circle 

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To our alumni, friends, and supporters
We make every attempt to correctly record and acknowledge your gift to Harvard Medical School. These lists includes gifts and pledges received in fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017). Please alert us to any errors by contacting Christina Cowell, assistant director of donor relations, at (617) 384-8476 or by email at christina_cowell@hms.harvard.edu.


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