Campaign Steering Committee


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Campaign Steering Committee

Chair: Joshua Boger, AM ’75, PhD ’79

Joshua Boger, AM ’75, PhD ’79

“The major medical challenges of our time require deep domain expertise and broad, cross-domain understanding. You get both at Harvard  Medical School. If you’re looking to advance human medicine, investing in the best means investing in Harvard Medicine.”

Honorary Co-chair: Jack Connors Jr.

Jack Connors Jr.
Honorary Co-chair

“There exists at Harvard Medical School an extraordinary concentration of both talent and investment in the idea of better health for mankind. It is therefore impossible to believe that this institution will not have a major impact on the future of health care and medicine.”

Honorary Co-chair: Ellen R. Gordon, GSA ’69Ellen R. Gordon, GSA ’69
Honorary Co-chair

“I cannot think of any greater cause than people’s health in all parts of the world, and Harvard Medical School is at the forefront of solving some of the greatest medical challenges of our time.”

W. Gerald Austen, MD ’55
Neal A. Baer, EdM ’79, AM ’82, MD ’96
Stuart M. Cable
Mary Ann Pesce Choate, AB ’77
Martha H. Crowninshield
Senator William H. Frist, MD ’78
Phyllis I. Gardner, MD ’76
Beth Y. Karlan, AB ’78, MD ’82
Louis G. Lange III, MD ’74, PhD ’76
Jeffrey Leerink
Laurence E. Paul, AB ’86, MD ’90
Louis Perlmutter
John W. Rowe
Leonard D. Schaeffer
Gwill E. York, AB ’79, MBA ’84


THANK YOU! 102% of goal reached as of April 30, 2018

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