Classes of 2010-2013


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Alumni Honor Roll of Donors

The generous contributions of alumni are helping increase financial aid to students, conduct groundbreaking research and invest in initiatives that will improve human health around the globe. We are very grateful for the gift(s) received during Fiscal Year 2014 (July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014).

Please select your graduation year below to see which members of your class made a gift.







Class of 2010

14.0% participation

Laura M. Chiang, MD
Robert M. Daly Jr, MD
Kenneth R. Gundle, MD
Stephen J. Huffaker, MD
Emily R. Kane, MD
Charles Lei, MD
Chao Li, MD
Marie-Louise Meng, MD
Kristina L. Mirabeau-Beale, MD

Amara L. Mulder, MD
Samuel Y. Ng, MD
Kush M. Parmar, MD~
Daniel P. Seeburg, MD
Ryan J Smart, MD
Michael D. Smith, MD
Sophia M. Soni, MD
David J. Worhunsky, MD

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

Class of 2011

15.2% participation

Tolulope A. Adesiyun, MD
Chitra P. Akileswaran, MD
Matthew C. Baker, MD
Brian A. Bergmark, MD
Regan W. Bergmark, MD
Aretha D. Davis, MD
Dan M. Drzymalski, MD
Huma Farid, MD
Adrienne B. Gropper, MD
James S. Guseh II, MD

Stephanie H. Guseh, MD
Ryan M. Lanning, MD
Andrew C. McKown, MD
Aya Y. Michaels, MD
Kristin J. Nierenberg, MD
Andrew J. Schissler, MD
Marc E. Walker, MD
James Y. Wang, MD
Laura E. Warren, MD
Albert C. Yeh, MD

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

Class of 2012

19.0% participation

Sheila P. Abdallah, MD
Jason J. Ahn, MD
Jasmine B. Barrow, MD
Erin M. Bettendorf, MD
Christine E. Bookhout, MD
Dylan P. Carney, MD
Albert S. Chiou, MD
Lindsay W. Cole, MD
Julia G. Fleming, MD
William J. Gostic, MD~
Samuel G. Levy, MD
Hermioni N. Lokko, MD
Matthew R. Naunheim, MD

My-Linh T. Nguyen, MD
Ejike N. Okoro, MD
Jason R. Rafferty, MD
Paulvalery Roulette, MD
Shira S. Simon, MD
Edward W. Swanson, MD
Jessica J. Tao, MD
Andrew M. Vahabzadeh-Hagh, MD
Matthew W. Vanneman, MD
Rebecca A. Wehrly, MD
Jeffrey D. Wessler, MD
Carly S. Zapata, MD
Josue A. Zapata, MD

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

Class of 2013

24.5% participation

Annika M. Barnett, MD
Odise Cenaj, MD
Liyang L. Chen, MD
Matthew N. DeSalvo, MD
Brittany M. Dixon, MD
Christopher T. Doughty, MD
Derek J. Erstad, MD
Brady T. Evans, MD
Shantanu K. Gaur, MD~
James J. Gholson, MD
Grace Hsieh, MD

Selena Jorgensen, MD
Malinda S. Lee, MD
Heeren S. Makanji, MD
David M. Nemer, MD
Nina N. Niu, MD
Jessica L. O'Brien, MD
Valeriy Shubinets, MD
Kristine M. Specht, MD
Andrew Y. Sun, MD
Adebola Yakubu-Owolewa, MD~
Jane M. Zhu, MD

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~ Dean's Council Member + Ezekiel Hersey Council * Deceased

All gifts and pledges received July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014, have been reviewed carefully to ensure that each gift is properly recognized. Occasionally, despite best efforts, a name may be listed incorrectly or omitted. We sincerely apologize if this is the case. Please alert us to such errors by contacting Maryellen Horgan, Director of Annual Giving, at or (617) 384-8454.

Thank You

Gifts in fiscal year 2014 have a tangible impact on the Quad, across the country, and around the globe as HMS works to alleviate human suffering caused by disease.

Honor Roll of Donors

Thank you to the thousands of individuals and organizations whose gifts in fiscal year 2014 are transforming education, driving discovery, strengthening health systems, and incubating innovation and leadership to improve human health.

View the complete Honor Roll of Donors, which lists gifts by dollar amount from all alumni and friends of HMS, as well as corporations and foundations »



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