Student Research Projects

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The MMSc-Medical Education program currently has two classes of alumni. Here are some of their thesis project topics:

  • How does resident resilience and tolerance of ambiguity impact burnout, medical error and clinical competence?
  • What is the relationship between perceived and physiologic stress and procedural learning during a simulation?
  • How does a longitudinal integrated block influence residents’ career goals, mentorship, and patient-centeredness?
  • What are the views of students and teaching faculty in Thailand about implementation of the flipped classroom?
  • What impact will an online module to teach physiology have on entering medical students knowledge and confidence?
  • What are the communication needs of parents of children with cancer and how will an educational intervention teaching communication influence parents’ satisfaction with their child’s physician?
  • What are the characteristics and best practices of successful collaborations between academic institutions?
  • Does self debriefing lead to the same improvements as facilitated debriefing when used in medical simulation?
  • What are the curricular priorities of student-as-teacher programs?
  • How do we develop standard tools and training for handoff communication between outpatient clinics and the emergency department?
  • What is the effect of mechanistic concept mapping in case-based collaborative learning?
  • Does integrating comics into medical ethics education for medical and PA students influence their understanding and engagement in ethics teaching?
  • What is the impact of the ACGME milestones on programs of assessment in GME?
  • What are the characteristics, supports, and barriers of feedback provided to medical students in Thailand?