Executive Education

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Navigating Industry Changes

Rapidly evolving technology, rising costs, delivery system consolidation, and political volatility provide opportunity as well as uncertainty for companies in healthcare delivery, life sciences, IT and other sectors. It is challenging to understand all of these new possibilities and know where to “place your bets”.

HMS Executive Education is unique, and grounded in the clinical and research experience of our faculty.  Built to support the strategic goals of your organization, HMS executive education is interactive, inspiring and impactful.

Our live and virtual programs share these key common elements:

  • Insights into clinical decision-making and the patient experience as well as policy issues and cutting-edge research from world renowned experts
  • Experiential learning to immerse participants in the experience of healthcare providers, patients, researchers, and institutional leaders
  • Case studies that spur individual thinking and catalyze teams around projects and priorities that your organization faces

Please contact us at executive_education@hms.harvard.edu to explore what HMS External Education can do for your organization.


Custom Program Opportunities

Partner with HMS and our world-renowned network of physician-scientists and researchers 


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