Students enrolled in the MMSc-Med Ed program complete all of the required coursework during their first year in the program. Required courses include:

  • MEDED 703A & B: Longitudinal Seminar in Medical Education led by Dr. Jennifer Kesselheim during the fall & spring semesters of the first year of the program
  • MEDED 701: Quantitative Research in Medical Education: Principles & Practice led by Dr. Krisztina Fischer during the fall semester of the first year
  • GH701: Qualitative Methods for Global Health led by Drs. Norma Ware & Hannah Gilbert during the fall semester of the first year
  • Teaching 100/Cell Biology 306qc: The Theory and Science of Teaching led by Dr. Bradley Coleman during fall semester of the first year
  • MEDED 710 at the Harvard Macy Institute: MMSc-Med Ed students take one required Harvard Macy Institute course, the Harvard Macy Program for Educators in Health Professions
  • MEDED 704: Learning Design Practicum for Medical Educators led by Dr. Bill Wisser during spring semester of the first year
  • Finally, students choose three elective courses to take (one in the fall semester and two in the spring semester), relevant to their specific research interests.  Electives may be taken at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), Harvard Business School (HBS), Harvard Graduate School or Education (HGSE), Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), or Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)