Commencement and Class Day 2019 Roundup

Harvard Medical School Class Day 2019.
For at our best, we don’t just doctor, we heal.

Stephen Berman, ’73, aka Samuel Shem

2009 Class Day keynote speaker

Congratulations Class of 2019!
To the extent that we respond to the health needs of the most vulnerable among us, we promote the health of the nation as a whole.

Former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher

1999 Class Day invited speaker

The central thing… is the sense of uniqueness and individuality of each patient… at every level from the neuronal to the spiritual.

Oliver Sacks

1989 Class Day guest speaker

The year 2000 and beyond will reveal a medicine of power and subtlety now difficult to imagine. But the relation between medicine and philosophy will not change.

Daniel Tosteson

1979 Class Day valediction

In 1869, Edwin C. J. T. Howard and Thomas Graham Dorsey are the first black graduates of HMS. Robert Tanner Freeman (pictured) is the first black graduate of Harvard Dental School.
A photo and schematic show the Class of 1909 as freshmen outside the 688 Boylston Street building, one of the School's early locations.
In 1949, these 12 women became the first to graduate from HMS, having faced several challenges, including a lack of ladies’ rooms on campus and the need to live in boarding houses instead of in Vanderbilt Hall.
“With a parting salute, he drove the beribboned car to the edge of the quadrangle, only to have it promptly tagged for illegal parking.” —Harvard Medical Alumni Bulletin, July 1959
In 1969, the month before graduation was overshadowed by the Harvard Strike. One of the students’ demands was “No destruction of black workers’ homes around the Medical School.”
Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, MD 1979, performed two original songs on Class Day: “Golden Morning” and “Hospital Blues.”
Graduates in 1989 wore white armbands to mourn the death of those involved in the Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing. Pictured from left: HSDM grads Justin Bass, Jean Bruch, Richard Chang and Devin Choi.
In 1999, more women than men graduated from HMS for the first time, and nearly 20% of the class was from groups underrepresented in medicine.
This is our dilemma: that life is short and the art long, the occasion instant, experiment perilous, decision difficult.

John Maltsberger III

1959 student speaker

Harvard Commencement and HMS/HSDM Class Day 2019.