The Harvard Macy Institute: The Harvard Macy Institute and its alumni network are recognized internationally. The program fosters and connects leaders in medical education nationally and worldwide through the highly transformative nature of the program’s structure and content. The Macy program’s directors and leading educators come from HMS, HGSE, Harvard Business School, and from a pool of scholars leading education on a global scale. The generative nature of the curriculum combined with the opportunities to connect and collaborate with such thought leaders is unmatched in medical education courses.

Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE): Similarly, the MMSc-Medical Education will provide opportunities for learners to participate in course work at HGSE and across the University. These opportunities, too, will be unmatched by other such medical education master’s programs.

The Academy at HMS: The Academy at HMS offers a wide variety of programs that could be of benefit to students in the MMSc-Medical Education.  Depending on the Master’s student’s area of research and scholarship, students may participate in offerings from the Academy Fellowship in Medical Education and the Academy Fellowship in Education Research.  We anticipate that our students will attend the monthly Medical Education Grand Rounds sponsored by the Academy, along with other symposia on topics such as the Neuroscience of Learning. MMSc students will have the opportunity to present posters of their work at the Academy’s annual Medical Education Day.