Over the past several decades, the sciences informing general and health professions education have grown in prominence and potential such that Master’s programs in health professions education are now distinguishing components of leading Universities here and abroad. Further, the skills associated with the degree are increasingly viewed as requisite areas of competence for leaders in education and educational administration.

Coincident with the emergence of these programs has been the national and international call for transforming health professions education through innovations grounded in educational research. To date, existing Master’s programs both domestically and internationally vary in structure, rigor, and pedagogy but  few have shown a central commitment to innovative research. The Master of Medical Science in Medical Education (MMSc-Medical Education) at Harvard Medical School (HMS) program is differentiated from the majority of other established programs by being a two-year, research-focused degree.

The HMS MMSc-Medical Education ensures that learners receive training in research methods and skills to conduct evidence-based research in medical education. Additionally, learners receive a command of the foundational and emerging content domains in health professions education.