Room Reservation Fee

Incoming students must submit a room reservation fee when applying for a room. This fee will be applied as a credit to the student's term bill after the room is vacated.  IF A STUDENT CANCELS A CONTRACT AT ANY TIME, THE RESERVATION FEE WILL BE RETAINED. (See the "Cancellation of Contract" section.)

License Fees

Room license fees are charged twice annually (in July for the Fall term and in December for the Spring term) on Harvard student term bills for matriculated students.

Cancellation of Contract Procedure and Fee

Residents may cancel contracts ONLY by adherence to ALL the conditions listed below:

  1. Provision of 60-day prior written notice to the Business Office. Please note that students will be responsible for their room license fee until the conclusion of such 60-day period.
  2. Forfeiture of the $500 room reservation fee. Please note that this penalty applies even if a student withdraws or is asked to leave the Residence Hall or the School.
  3. Payment of an additional $500 fee if a AY2021-22 contract is canceled between April 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021.
  4. Payment of an additional $500 fee if a AY2021-22 contract is canceled with an effective move-out date (the date the student will vacate the room) between July 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021.

Damages and Cleaning Charges

Residents are financially responsible for the condition of their rooms and for loss or damage arising from their actions or neglect. Residents will not be assessed a separate deposit for damages but rather will be billed separately on their term bill or by invoice for the assessed value of damage to furniture, carpets, doors, finishes, or common spaces of the Residence Hall. This refers to damage that is beyond normal wear and tear, as identified by inspection. When decorating rooms, residents should not attach anything to the walls or to other surfaces in a way that may cause damage or leave marks. Residents should use molding hooks, wall mounting tabs (e.g., 3M), or an adhesive gum (e.g., Hold-it). Residents are advised that the use of any other method (tape, tacks, nails, hooks, wall decals, etc.) may result in a damage charge on the term bill. Existing damage to a bedroom must be reported in writing to the Business Office within two weeks of taking occupancy of a room. Any unreported damages will be deemed the responsibility of the resident of the room, who will be billed for the cost of any repairs. Charges will also be assessed if any of the following conditions apply upon inspection:

  1. University property has been removed from the room;
  2. The resident's belongings have not been removed from the room and Student Storage by the end of the contract period;
  3. The room has not been cleaned properly;
  4. The room key has not been officially turned in to the Business Office or to the Vanderbilt Hall Security Officer; or
  5. There is damage from appliances (air conditioners, ceiling lights/fans, and the like) that were installed by anyone other than authorized maintenance personnel.