Maintenance and Repairs

For general maintenance and repair orders, including heating, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, lighting, custodial, broken laundry equipment, pest control, and other building-related issues, please call the Business Office at 617-432-1629. For non-medical, non-urgent emergencies or after-hours maintenance issues that require immediate attention, please call the front desk security officer at 617-432-1687. All requests for maintenance and repairs must be made through these two numbers.

Helpful Telephone Numbers

Harvard University Police 617-432-1212
Vanderbilt Front Desk
Resident Counselor for
Student Affairs
Vanderbilt Business Office 617-432-1629
Vanderbilt Athletic Director 617-432-1942
Walking Escort Service 617-432-1379
University Health Services
(Longwood Campus)
University Health Services
(Urgent Care/Cambridge)
Longwood Campus Security 617-432-1379
Longwood Campus ID Office 617-432-0389
Longwood Campus Parking
Longwood Campus Mail
Package and Parcel Deliveries 617-432-8321
HMS Registrar 617-432-1515
HSDM Registrar 617-432-0311
MASCO Shuttle 617-632-2310
Student Computing 617-432-2000
Room Scheduling 617-432-2020
Special Event Permits, Police
Details, and Information
Student Telephones/MobileSphere 617-496-8100
The Atrium Cafe
(TMEC Atrium)
Courtyard Cafe
(Warren Alpert)
Sebastian's Cafe
(Kresge Cafeteria, HCSPH)
(New Research Building)
Financial Aid (HMS) 617-432-1575
Health Insurance (HUGHP) 617-495-2008
Ombudsperson 617-432-4040
Student Affairs 617-432-1570
Student Term Bill Office 617-495-2739
University Information 617-432-1000
Student Telephone
Directory Listings
Crimson Cash 617-496-6600
Environmental Health
and Safety Office

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students who have a disability that necessitates a request for accommodations must contact their Local Disability Coordinator(LDC). In most cases the LDC will ask for documentation from an appropriate clinician. That documentation should detail any functional limitation(s) and the recommended accommodations. In order to receive the most expedient consideration of a request for accommodations, the LDC should receive clinical documentation by April 30. The LDC list for each respective school may be found at this website:

Vanderbilt Hall features five accessible bedrooms with private bathrooms, one of which includes a small kitchenette. Priority for these rooms is determined based on student and university needs. If no students require an accessible bedroom, these bedrooms may be available to the general student population, but non-disabled students may be required to surrender the rooms if a need arises.

Mail Service, Package Delivery and Mail Forwarding

Mail and parcels may only be received by current residents and must be addressed as follows:

(Resident's Name)
Vanderbilt Hall (Resident's Assigned Mailbox Number)
107 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston, MA 02115-5750

Letters sent via U.S. Mail

The Harvard Longwood Campus Mailroom provides mail service to Vanderbilt Hall residents. It is located at 200 Longwood Avenue. The mail is picked up Monday through Friday from the Fenway Post Office at 1313 Boylston Street (617-375-9666). Mailroom personnel deliver it to the Vanderbilt Hall student mailboxes the same day. Each resident has a locked mailbox in the front lobby of Vanderbilt Hall. Letters sent through the U.S. Postal Service that fit into the Vanderbilt mailbox are delivered weekdays (excluding holidays). There is a U.S. mailbox near the front door for students’ outgoing mail. U.S. Post Offices are located in Coolidge Corner at 1295 Beacon Street (800-275-8777) and Mission Hill at 1575 Tremont Street (800-275-8777).


Packages, large parcels, and deliveries that require a signature are delivered to the Vanderbilt Mailroom, which is located on the lower level in room 043 (opposite the laundry room). Package and parcel deliveries are received weekdays between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:00 pm and are only received for current residents. No package/parcel deliveries are received on weekends or on University holidays. When a package/parcel for a student is received, an email notification will be sent. Students may pick up deliveries from the Mailroom anytime (24/7) after receiving notification. Students are expected to pick up their delivery the day it arrives. Due to space constraints, unclaimed items may be returned to sender after 10 business days. Students may authorize another individual to retrieve their delivery by written notice or email. The Vanderbilt Mailroom e-mail is; the telephone number is 617-432-8321.


U.S. postal regulations prevent the U.S. Post Office from forwarding mail for university residence halls and dormitories. This includes Vanderbilt Hall. Harvard students who wish to have their mail forwarded after moving out must log on to the Harvard Student Mail Forwarding website ( to update their address. Students may use their Harvard IDs for access to the system. Call the Student Mail Forwarding Office at 617-496-4290 with questions regarding mail forwarding. Forwarding will start on the student’s scheduled move-out date, unless an earlier start date is requested. Harvard Medical and Dental students must provide their registrars with their new address. Students who will be away for several months, but are not moving out, must also notify the Vanderbilt Business Office (in addition to completing the online form) in order to have their mail forwarded.

Crimson Cash

Crimson Cash is a declining balance debit account accessed through your Harvard ID. No sign-up is required. Students automatically have an account once they receive their Harvard ID card. Visiting Students will be issued a special Crimson Cash Card upon check-in.

Crimson Cash is accepted at the laundry facility located in the basement in room 044 and for Athletic Facility guest passes.

Crimson Cash accounts are not transferable, and refunds are only permitted upon graduation or withdrawal. If you lose your Student ID card, report it immediately to the ID Office (617-432-0389), and your money will be secure and immediately available when you receive a replacement card.

Students may add value to their Crimson Cash account by:

  1. Credit Card. Students may call 617-496-6600 or add value online at
  2. Cash. Students may go to the VTS (value transfer station) located in the Kresge Cafeteria at the T. H. Chan School of Public Health and apply value to their account with cash.


Trash Disposal and Recycling


Trash closets are located throughout the building for recycling and trash disposal. There are also recycling, composting, and trash receptacles in the student kitchens. Residents are to dispose of recycling, composting, and trash by putting it in these designated locations. Recycling is single stream, so items may be commingled. Residents may not leave trash in the hallways, elevators, stairways or courtyard.  A note of warning should be placed on trash known to contain broken glass to avoid injury to the cleaning crew. Needles and syringes are to be collected in medical “sharps” boxes as provided by the health care provider, or alternatively, in puncture-proof, wide-mouth plastic jugs with threaded caps (for example, laundry detergent bottles). Discarded personal furniture or appliances must be brought directly to the dumpster with prior permission from the Business Office.

Telephone Service/MobileSphere Communications

Telephone service, provided by MobileSphere Communications, is available for a monthly fee. Each bedroom is equipped with a telephone jack, and students are responsible for providing their own telephones. To activate your dial tone and optional voice mail, go to the MobileSphere Web site or call MobileSphere at 1-866-456-3176 (call 6-8100 on the house phone). MobileSphere also administers the billing for telephone service. If you have questions regarding student phone service, please contact MobileSphere Customer Care at 1-866-456-3176 or

Student Computing

Access to the HMS Computer Network

There is full WiFi coverage throughout Vanderbilt Hall. To provide optimal and robust wireless connectivity, HMS-managed wireless access points are spaced in hallways and approximately every other room. The network jack in these rooms is configured to work only with the HMS-managed access points and will not work with any other device (such as your computer, printer, or any other electronic device you may have). Vanderbilt residents with an eCommons/MyCourses account can access the HMS Private wireless network using their eCommons username and case-sensitive password. Visiting students and guests are offered limited Internet access only using the HMS Public wireless network through the Internet browser of their choice. HMS Public is designed for HMS guests and is not encrypted.

Rooms without HMS-managed wireless access points in them have one active network jack. The active Ethernet jack is normally located on the lower left port of the jack plate. These can be used for wired connectivity for one computer at a time. You need to use a CAT5e or CAT6 cable. You may not connect any consumer-level network device such as a switch, router, or hub as these will not work or will cause problems for all devices that connect to it. Again, there is full WiFi coverage throughout Vanderbilt Hall, whether or not there is a wireless access point inside your room.

If you experience any problems with your connection to the HMS network, please call the IT Service Desk at 617-432-2000 (call 2-2000 on the house phone) or e-mail Student IT Support at Visit the Student Services Support Site at more information.

P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Application Policy

Harvard Medical School does not allow P2P software usage on the wired and wireless HMS network. (Examples of P2P applications are BitTorrent, Skype, Gnutella, and others in this category.) Vanderbilt residents using P2P applications will be blocked from or have limited access to the wired and/or wireless HMS network. See the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Compliance at Harvard University at for more information.

Note: Vanderbilt residents who must use BitTorrent for legitimate research and academic purposes may request an exception to this policy by e-mailing their request and academic reasons to the IT Service Desk at Exceptions may be granted upon the approval of the HMS IT Client Services Group Director and the Information Security Officer. There are no exceptions for other types of P2P software usage.

Student Computer Room

The Student Computer Room is located in Vanderbilt Room 302B. It is equipped with four Windows-based workstations and is available for use 24 hours a day. One of the computers is designated for visitor use with no need of logging on to the machine. Printing is available to HMS and HSDM students only, as a fee-based service. In order to use the pay-for-printing program, you must log on to a Student Services-supported workstation with your MyCourses username and case-sensitive password. If you experience any problems with the computer equipment, please call the IT Service Desk at 617-432-2000 (call 2-2000 on the house phone) or email them at

Laundry Facilities

A coin and debit card (Crimson Cash) operated laundry facility is located in the basement in room 044. Take the elevator at E entry to the lower level. This laundry room is open 24 hours a day.

Student Storage Room

The Student Storage Room is located in the basement in room 040. Only current residents or students who will be returning in the fall may store items in the Student Storage Room. The University assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property stored in the Student Storage Room. Space is limited. Students may use no more than 20 cubic feet (2 x 5 x 2, about 4-5 standard file boxes) of storage space. Storage items must be labeled with the student’s name, room number, the date the item was stored, and the date the item will be removed. All items stored must be packed securely. No furniture may be stored. Items left after students move out will be considered abandoned and donated to charity. Storage tags are available at the Business Office and are required for all articles stored.

A Business Office staff person will escort students to storage Monday through Friday at the following times: 9 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 3 p.m. Please come to the Business Office at the designated time for access.


All hallway bathrooms are designated “Women” or “Men." PLEASE RESPECT THE SINGLE SEX DESIGNATIONS. If residents leave personal articles in the bathrooms, the cleaning crew will remove them as part of their regular maintenance in order to properly clean the facility. Items stored appropriately in designated cubbyholes or shelves are not subject to removal. The student bathrooms are cleaned once per day by the custodial staff during the school week (Monday through Friday), between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. On weekends and University holidays, the custodians only empty the trash and monitor the bathrooms. Because there are extended periods of time between cleanings, residents are asked to please take care to regularly wipe up spills and properly dispose of toilet paper, paper towels, and other trash.

Please call the Business Office at 617-432-1629 to report clogged toilets and drains, to clean up spills, or for any other maintenance issues. For after-hours emergency maintenance issues, please call the front desk security officer at 617-432-1687.

Student Kitchens

There are 14 student kitchens located throughout the building. The responsibility for maintaining safe, clean, and sanitary conditions rests with the residents who use the common kitchens. Resident Advisors oversee the operation of each kitchen area, under the broad guidance of the Resident Counselor for Student Affairs. Procedures for smooth operation and sanitation should be established by the membership of each kitchen unit. Continued operation of the kitchens will be contingent on the respectful use of the space by all residents.

There are Simplex combination locks on all the student kitchen doors. The combination will be issued to students at check-in. For fire safety, the kitchen doors may not be propped open. Each kitchen is equipped with a microwave, oven, stove, refrigerator, and an instant hot water tap. Cabinets are available for students to store personal food and supplies.

Residents may not leave food cooking unattended in the common kitchens at any time. Small appliances that are UL approved and in good repair may be used.

The student kitchens are cleaned once per day by the custodial staff during the school week (Monday through Friday), between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Students must remove all personal items from the tabletops, stoves, sinks, and countertops during this time to allow the custodians to clean more thoroughly. On weekends and University holidays, the custodians only empty the trash and monitor the kitchens. Because there are extended periods of time between cleanings, we ask that students take care to regularly wipe up spills on the stoves, countertops, and tables, as well as properly dispose of odor-causing garbage.

Please call the Business Office at 617-432-1629 to report clogged sinks, to clean up spills, or for any other maintenance issues. For after hours emergency maintenance issues, please call the front desk security officer at 617-432-1687. 

Piano and Music Rooms

The Joseph B. Martin Lounge is furnished with a Steinway baby grand piano for use by Harvard students. This piano is locked and the key may be obtained at the front security desk in exchange for a valid Harvard Student ID. The piano and all other musical instruments may only be played in the Joseph B. Martin Lounge between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. There are two music rooms in the lower level at entry A, which can be used for instrumental or vocal practice 24 hours a day by students and Vanderbilt Hall residents.  Access to the Music Rooms may be arranged through the Vanderbilt Business Office at 617-432-1629. If you have your own musical instrument, it is preferable to practice in one of these rooms rather than in your bedroom, particularly after 11:00 p.m. The keys are available at the front security desk. Pianos are available in each of these music rooms.

Athletic Facility and Athletic Guest Privileges

There is a fully equipped Athletic Facility within the Residence Hall. It includes an outdoor regulation tennis court, an indoor basketball court, two singles squash courts, two weight rooms, a cardiovascular room, a climbing wall, a group cycling studio, and a group fitness room. Showers and day lockers are also available to students who reside off-campus. Students with a valid Harvard Student ID card may use the Athletic Facility free of charge. Students must complete an Athletic Facility Terms of Use Agreement Form before entering the Athletic Facility. These forms are available at the lobby security desk.

The Athletic Facility, which is managed by Plus One Health Management, Inc., is also open to paying members of the Longwood Campus community. An Athletic Facility brochure, featuring all of the activities, is available in the Business Office. Programs include intramural basketball, indoor soccer, group fitness, volleyball, a free exercise consultation, and more. For further information or scheduling, contact the Plus One Athletic Director at 617-432-1942. Visit the Vanderbilt Athletic Facility website.

Residents of Vanderbilt Hall are required to follow the rules and regulations of the Plus One- managed Vanderbilt Hall Athletic Facility, which are in effect from time to time. Use of the Athletic Facility is subject to approval by the Vanderbilt Hall management. The University reserves the right to revoke the right to use the Athletic Facility for any cause it deems reasonable (including without limitation when the conduct of a member or a member’s guest jeopardizes his or her welfare or the welfare of the community). Use of the facility may also be revoked if the University concludes that the student or a guest of a student has given false information in connection with his or her application for use of the facility or if the student or a guest of a student fails to adhere to the Vanderbilt Hall Athletic Facility terms of use or any rules and regulations of the Athletic Facility or the Residence Hall. Rules and regulations will be posted at the entrance to the facility and outside the Athletic Director’s Office.

Any exercise program may create physical stress, resulting in harmful effects. It is the responsibility of the student who uses the Athletic Facility to consult with a physician prior to commencing any exercise program, to remain under medical supervision if that is indicated, to seek medical assistance in the event of an injury, and to inform Harvard of any adverse change in the student’s medical condition. Use of the exercise equipment and other facilities provided by Harvard carries some risk of accidental injury. Students must use such equipment and facilities with due care. Students who use the Athletic Facility agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the President and Fellows of Harvard College/Harvard Medical School, its directors, officers, employees, agents, and Plus One Holdings, Inc. and the employees thereof from any and all liability for loss, injury, or damage which has been or may hereafter be sustained by the student or for which the student may be or become liable, as a result of, or directly or indirectly related to, entering upon the Athletic Facility and performing any actions therein.

Students may invite guests to use the facility, but the management reserves the right to refuse guests at its discretion. A student may host a maximum of one guest per day. ALL GUESTS MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER, SUBMIT A VALID FORM OF ID TO THE SECURITY OFFICER, AND BE ACCOMPANIED BY THE STUDENT HOST AT ALL TIMES WHILE USING THE FACILITY.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure that guests are aware of and follow the center's rules and regulations. Guests are also required to complete an Athletic Facility Terms of Use form.

Students must pay for guests with Crimson Cash. When a member brings a guest to the facility, the security officer will slide the member's card through the card reader and deduct $8 from the member's Crimson Cash account.

All students and guests of students must complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire before being allowed to access the facility.


Parking for Medical and Dental Students

Parking is limited on the Harvard Longwood Campus. Depending on availability an offsite parking location may be available to HMS and HSDM students living in Vanderbilt Hall. Students who have been allocated a parking space for a given academic year will have the option to renew that slot for the following academic year, and annually thereafter, until the time of graduation.

Inquiries regarding parking can be addressed at the HMS Commuter Services and Parking Office, located at 180 Longwood Avenue; office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. For information, call 617-432-1111 or e-mail The Parking Office Web site is

Walking Escort Service

A campus walking escort service is available 24 hours a day. To obtain a walking escort from a member of the Harvard Medical School security staff, call 617-432-1379. A security officer will escort you to your vehicle on campus, to the nearest MBTA stop or to any other destination on campus. Please call ahead as it may take as long as 15 minutes for your escort to arrive. Please wait for your escort once you have called.

Commuter Taxi Escort Service

In an effort to provide Harvard Medical School commuters with a safe ride home from the Longwood Campus during the late night and evening hours, a complimentary taxi escort service is offered by Harvard Medical School to faculty, staff, and students who live off-campus.

The taxi service is not available for personal use by residents of Vanderbilt Hall. If a Vanderbilt resident has a special academic need for taxi service, she or he must receive approval in advance from the Office of Student Affairs and Financial Aid in order to use the service.

Those eligible to use this service must have a valid Harvard University ID for the Medical/Dental or T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The Medical/Dental School faculty, staff, and students should go to the Security Desk at the New Research Building (NRB), 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur; T.H. Chan School of Public Health faculty, staff, and students should go to the FXB Security Desk at 651 Huntington Avenue. Security will be responsible at both locations for distributing the vouchers and coordinating the taxi pick-up. Patrons of the service will only be given a voucher at the security desk location of their respective school.

Taxi Service is available 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. seven days a week on a first-come first-serve basis.

The taxi service is free within a one-mile radius of the campus. (See maps highlighting the one-mile radius at the NRB Security Desk). Should your destination go beyond the one-mile radius of the campus, the taxi meter will be turned on and patrons will be responsible for the additional fare beyond the one-mile radius.

Each taxi will only go to one destination with up to four people. Multiple riders going to different destinations will require separate taxis and vouchers.

Please be aware that traffic and weather conditions may affect the timeliness of the taxi service.

Shuttle Bus

The Harvard Longwood Campus shuttle (M2) is managed by MASCO (Medical, Academic, and Scientific Community Organization) and operated by the Paul Revere Transportation Company. The service runs Monday through Saturday between Vanderbilt Hall and Johnston Gate at the main campus in Harvard Square. Students at HMS, HCSPH, HSDM, GSAS, DMS, HBS, and FAS, as well as Harvard University officers and staff, need only swipe their University ID card to ride the bus for free. Other Harvard University graduate students must either purchase tickets at the M2 ticket offices or add value to their Crimson Cash account (which is accessed by their Harvard ID) at the Crimson Cash website at Riders who are not affiliated with the University must also purchase tickets or Crimson Cash cards. No cash fares are accepted. M2 ticket offices are located at the Children's Hospital Parking Office (283 Longwood Avenue, 1st Floor of Parking Garage) and at Harvard University's Events and Information Center at the Smith Campus Center (1350 Mass Avenue, Cambridge).

University Health Services

The University Health Services (UHS) Clinic for the Longwood Campus is located in Vanderbilt Hall and accessible from the entrance at 275 Longwood Avenue. All Harvard students are eligible to use the services of the UHS clinic. The hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The clinic is open until 6:30 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays during the academic year. The telephone number for appointments and further information is 617-432-1370. For health insurance information, please call Harvard University Health Services at 617-495-2008. After-hours or emergency medical needs can be addressed by calling 617-495-5711.

Complimentary taxi service to the main UHS Urgent Care clinic at the Smith Campus Center on the Cambridge campus is available to students with urgent health-related concerns when the UHS Longwood clinic is closed. UHS taxi vouchers may be obtained at the Vanderbilt security desk. The Smith Campus Center Urgent Care Service then provides taxi vouchers for the return trip to Vanderbilt Hall.