Course Description

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HMS TransMed Course Description

In the two-week HMS TransMed course, trainees will learn to evaluate how unmet medical needs can be “translated” into new clinical practices. The course will feature assessments of unmet medical needs, case studies of successes and failures in translation, seminars from translational medicine experts, and workshops that engage students in substantive and intense discussions on current topics. HMS TransMed is a discussion and case- based course.


The course will be followed by an optional one-week global research experience in Durban, South Africa where the discussion will focus on HIV and tuberculosis. Students in the course will have the opportunity to travel to a foreign academic medical center and engage with local medical professionals, researchers, and regulatory agencies to develop potential solutions to an unmet local medical need. Tools developed in the required course will be used in the field to understand the challenges and opportunities in translational medicine at home and abroad.


TransMed 2016 HMS Course Syllabus
TransMed 2016 HMS Course Schedule
TransMed 2016 Global Curriculum


Identify unmet medical needs
Understand the drug discovery/development pipeline
Identify discovery-based science methods for therapeutic development
Evaluate unmet medical needs in the context of development and approval pipeline
Understand different clinical testing paradigms and current issues in regulatory approval


Turning unmet medical needs into therapies
Preclinical testing: Choosing the right models for the appropriate discovery modalities
Clinical testing: Design and evaluation of human clinical trials
Biomarkers and diagnostics
Regulatory approval and Pharmacovigilance
New frontiers in Therapeutics