Training to Teachers | Online Lectures and Webinars

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Online Lectures and Webinars

MODULE I - Teaching and learning

  • Medical Education Pedagogy in the 21st Century
  • Application of Adult Learning Theory to Teaching
  • How people learn 
  • Science of Learning: Memory and Judgment
  • Reaching and teaching millennial learners 

MODULE II - Lecturing skills

  • Lecturing and Public Speaking Skills
  • Lecturing and Public Speaking Skills: How to Give an Engaging Presentation 
  • How effective teachers help people learn 

MODULE III - Curriculum development

  • Curriculum development steps
  • Program design and evaluation 
  • HMS experience in curriculum development and reform
  • Curriculum Reform in U.S. Medical Schools
  • Leading Change in Academic Medicine and Medical Education: Becoming an agent of change

MODULE IV - Modern pedagogical strategies – Part 1

  • Flipped classroom
  • Improving team based teaching and small group discussions
  • Fostering critical thinking skills
  • Critical Thinking Skill Development
  • Using multimedia and technology to enhance teaching
  • The Use of Social Media in Medical Education and Curricular Design 

MODULE V - Modern pedagogical strategies – Part 2

  • Designing an Active Learning Teaching Session 
  • Managing Problem Tutorials; quiet learner, domineering student, unprepared group 
  • The use of quizzes / formative assessments in teaching and learning 
  • Simulation in Medical Education 

MODULE VI – Peer Instruction, Mentoring, and Professionalism

  • Peer instruction and observation 
  • Resident-Fellow Teaching Interaction: Defining the Barriers 
  • Students as Teachers: Creating Opportunities for Senior Medical Students to Teach Junior Medical Students in Courses and Clerkships
  • Mentorship
  • Hidden curriculum and professionalism 

MODULE VII – Clinical Teaching

  • Patient-centered teaching
  • The Five Micro-Skills of Clinical Teaching 
  • Developing your career as a clinician-educator 
  • The power of empathy  

MODULE VIII - Assessment and Feedback

  • Competence assessment in resident training
  • How to give and get effective feedback 
  • Formative and summative assessments

MODULE IX -Med Edu Research

  • Fundamentals of Med Edu Research 
  • Med Edu Research: Qualitative Research Study Model  
  • Med Edu Research: Quantitative Research Study Model




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