Dean's Overview

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Dean's Overview

Harvard Medical School’s Training to Teachers (T2T) program aims to provide training to faculty on modern medical education pedagogy and innovative learning techniques. Faculty are drawn from Harvard Medical School, the world’s top health research university and top US medical school. Participants learn how HMS educates its students using ‘deep dives’ into how the School’s undergraduate education program is delivered. Our goals are to teach you our delivery model - developing skills and knowledge while simultaneously expanding your global network.

The T2T program is an opportunity for instructors, from those less experienced to seasoned educators, to enhance their knowledge and skills in medical education.

Our model of hybrid education provides learning ideally suited to the busy professional, allowing you to learn without disrupting your career. Our top faculty interact with participants in residential style workshops and supplement this experience with interactive webinars and recorded online lectures. 


David Roberts


David Roberts, MD
Dean for External Education
Harvard Medical School