Training to Teachers | Curriculum

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T2T is a blended learning programme that includes online lectures and webinars, supplemented by interactive webinars taught by senior faculty from Harvard Medical School recognized for expertise in medical education and curriculum creation and management.

Divided into key modules, the curriculum incorporates innovative teaching techniques for medical faculty, exposing participants to the latest pedagogical findings of the learning sciences, many of which are being incorporated at Harvard Medical School. T2T is anchored by two in-person workshops in Andhra Pradesh, the first one at Dr NTR University for Health Sciences and the second one in Visakhapatnam. Each workshop will be 4 days in length and will occur at the beginning and at the end of the program’s online curriculum.

Training to Teacher Curriculum Overview


The workshop curriculum will focus on developing critical thinking skills to apply to medical education. Participants will be introduced to medical education theory such as adult learning, social cognitive theory, and connectivism. Throughout the workshop, many new teaching methods will be introduced to better equip the participant to expand their understanding of material covered in the online modules. Workshops will focus on class discussion, team work and application of theories discussed.


There is a substantial amount of team work expected throughout the program. Team assignments are designed to promote collaboration and apply the models being introduced. All students are expected to contribute and actively participate in team assignments.


All participants will be expected to complete individual and team assignments, as well as attend and participate in the webinars in order to receive their certificate from Harvard Medical School.


  • Teaching and Learning
  • Lecturing Skills
  • Curriculum Development
  • Modern pedagogical strategies
  • Peer Instruction, Mentoring, and Professionalism
  • Clinical Teaching
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Medical Education Research




Applications for the T2T program are now closed.

"Teaching is the highest form of understanding".