Ombuds Office

Harvard Medical School
Harvard Dental School of Medicine
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Melissa Brodrick, Ombudsperson; 617-432-4040 (direct line)
Justin Neiman, Associate Ombudsperson; 617-432-4043 (direct line)

164 Longwood Avenue, 1st Fl., Boston, MA 02115
617-432-4041 (schedule confidential appointment)

Please note that the security of electronic communication cannot be guaranteed.
Calling our confidential line is the most secure communication method.

HU faculty, fellows, staff, students and retirees please contact:
Harvard University Ombuds Office

Lydia Cummings, Ombudsman
44R Brattle Street, 117-118, Cambridge, MA 02138
617-495-7748 (schedule confidential appointment)