The Ombuds Office supports an ethical and civil culture, encouraging mutual understanding and resolution through respectful dialogue and fair processes.

  • Who visits the Ombuds Office?

    The office is open to faculty, staff, students, trainees and appointees to HMS, HSDM, HSPH and their affiliated institutions.

  • Why visit the Ombuds Office?

    Visitors to the Ombuds Office come to informally discuss any issues affecting one's work or studies. Options can range from just talking to requesting a formal grievance procedure and lots in between.

  • What is the Ombudsperson's Role?

    The Ombudsperson's role is to listen and help you identify issues, goals and options; you'll make your own decisions regarding next steps.

What makes the Ombuds Office unique?

  • Confidentiality

    Information shared by any visitor will not be disclosed without the visitor's permission except when the Ombuds determines there may be an imminent risk of serious harm or when required by law. The Ombuds Office does not maintain records that identify visitors to the office.

  • Neutrality

    An Ombudsperson does not serve as an advocate for any party to a dispute. However, an Ombudsperson does advocate for productive communication and fair processes and their implementation.

  • Independence

    The Ombuds Office is independent in structure, function and appearance.

  • Informality

    There is no formal processes in the Ombuds Office—can educate people about policies and procedures and where to go.