4.17 Financial Aid Fraud

Medical Education

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4.17 Financial Aid Fraud

Students who are deliberately deceptive in their financial aid applications are subject to disciplinary action. If you purposely give false information in the aid application process and receive aid from federal programs, you may be subject to fine, or imprisonment, or both. 

If, after reviewing an application for financial aid, the School has reason to suspect that an aid applicant may have deliberately misrepresented information resulting in fraud or other criminal misconduct in connection with the aid application, disciplinary action may be taken. Referral in such cases for applicants receiving federal aid may be made to the US Department of Education's Office of Inspector General, or, if more appropriate, to a state or local authority. If evidence of fraud or criminal misconduct is documented, the School will review the matter to determine if the student should be sanctioned or dismissed.


Last updated on 7/22/15