3.17 Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Office of Dental Education

Medical Education

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3.17 Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Office of Dental Education

The Office of Dental Education, under the leadership of the Assistant Dean for Dental Education, is responsible for the development and administration of all educational programs at HSDM as well as admissions, student support services, and a wide range of activities related to student life. The administrative areas that comprise the Office of Dental Education include predoctoral education, advanced graduate education, admissions, student affairs, financial aid, registrar, continuing education, and coordination of support services for students with disabilities.

The HSDM Student Handbook, which contains detailed information about the Dental School’s programs, policies and procedures, is available on- the Office of Dental Education website.

Research in the HSDM Curriculum

Harvard School of Dental Medicine considers the generation of knowledge to be an integral part of the training of future leaders in the field of dentistry. In recognition of this goal, predoctoral students are required to explore and develop interest in a relevant field.  In addition to didactic and clinical training, research is a required component of the HSDM curriculum. Beginning in Year 2, students will take an introductory research course and will learn to read scientific literature critically, design studies, and analyze data. The research program culminates in a "hands on" research experience for each student, resulting in a written paper and formal presentation at Student Research Day.

Students seeking an intensive research experience while pursuing their dental education are encouraged to apply for a variety of fellowship opportunities. Throughout the years of dental school, opportunities are available for students to present the results of their research at various meetings and assemblies.

Detailed information about the predoctoral research program is provided by the Office of Research at HSDM (http://hsdm.harvard.edu/facultystaff/office/office_of_research).