3.15 The Academy at HMS and the Academy Center for Teaching and Learning

Medical Education

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3.15 The Academy at HMS and the Academy Center for Teaching and Learning

The Academy at Harvard Medical School advances the education of physicians and scientists throughout the Harvard Medical School community by:

  • Creating and supporting a community of leaders in education and a culture of excellence in teaching and learning;
  • Fostering the careers of educators in medicine and science;
  • Providing programming to improve the skills of teachers;
  • Stimulating and supporting the creation and implementation of innovative approaches to learning and assessment; and
  • Supporting educational research and scholarship in medical and graduate education.

In addition to sustaining and building upon the work of the Center for Teaching and Learning (see below), the professional development arm of the Academy, the Academy also works with the evolving educational centers at several of our affiliated hospitals and with the PhD programs based at HMS. The Academy supports innovation in pedagogical methods and curriculum and promotes research that focuses on teaching, learning, and assessment at the undergraduate and graduate medical education levels and in the science education of our graduate students.

The Academy Center for Teaching and Learning provides educational development programs for HMS faculty and trainees who are involved in core and elective courses of the Harvard Medical School curriculum. The Center is committed to implementing educational programs for teaching faculty that enhance student learning and ultimately provide for the best care of patients. Throughout the year, the Center sponsors Medical Education Grand Rounds; Medical Education Day; symposia on teaching and learning; new tutor orientation and development programs; and one-on-one faculty consultations. All faculty within the HMS community who teach in classroom or clinical settings are invited to participate in Center activities.

The Academy Office of Education Research:

  • fosters faculty development in research related to medical education;
  • carries out funded research to advance the field of medical education;
  • serves as a resource for students pursuing scholarly research projects in medical education; and
  • acts as a coordinating and networking center for medical education research throughout the Harvard medical community.

For more information, please send an e-mail to academy_research@hms.harvard.edu.

Website: http://hms.harvard.edu/content/academy-harvard-medical-school-o