3.03 Office of Advising Resources

Medical Education

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3.03 Office of Advising Resources

The Office of Advising Resources assists Harvard medical and dental students with difficulties they may be experiencing in their preclerkship and/or clinical performance. Students may be referred by Society Advisory Dean/Director or Associate Director or self-refer to the Director of Advising Resources, who will meet with students for an initial screening interview to help determine what factors (situational, emotional, learning, etc.) may be contributing to their difficulties. When emotional issues are involved, the Director of Advising Resources will provide short-term performance counseling, when appropriate, to help students function optimally in their current courses and/or help refer students to the appropriate resources both inside and outside HMS, as necessary.

When learning issues are involved, students will be referred to one or both on-site education specialist(s), as needed, for further screening and assessment. If necessary, referral for outside neuropsychological testing can also be arranged for a formal, comprehensive assessment. If this testing determines that a student has a documented learning disability, the student may be eligible for accommodations within their learning setting, to be determined and arranged, when appropriate, by the Disability Coordinator at HMS (See Section 10.03).

The Director of Advising Resources also works with preclerkship course directors, clinical clerkship directors, and/or students to find and fund tutors, as needed, for students having academic difficulties. These tutors are drawn from peer tutors, i.e., the second-year Student Teaching Corps or senior medical students, or from residents, fellows, and/or faculty recruited by preclerkship course directors or clerkship directors. The Office of Advising Resources also organizes USMLE Step I and Step II National Board preparation for second- and fourth-year medical students, including diagnostic tests, subject reviews, study materials, and individual coaching, as needed. The Office of Advising Resources is located on the second floor of TMEC, above the Peabody Society.


Last updated on 3/7/16